Things I've Ordered Today - UPDATE at bottom of thread

Hello Dear Friends,
It's that time of year and like others who have been scarce on the forum I'm popping back in to draft off the excitement of NAS.  I've ordered many practical items (underwear) but a wildcard as well.
Wirefree bras!  My beautiful Simone Perele lace underwire bras are being neglected for these comfort focused wire-free bras and their matching bikinis.
All Saints lug sole chelsea boots. And platform rubbery slides.
Color focused:
After branching out with earth tones this past year, I have not felt happy in them so it's back to pastels, whose selection is shrinking after 4-5 years of popularity.  So I'm still purchasing wherever I can find my favorite lilac (see Alo hoodie).  The Caslon items are a little rosier but I thought I would see how they look on me.  The Rails sweater adds a bit of earthy dirt to my pastel collection so we'll see if it can bridge a few wardrobe items.
Bootcut jeans in Petite length:
After a depressing doctors appointment proving I'm a full inch shorter, I now need look no further than the petites department.  Height was never on my side but now there's no question I am short, having moved from just under 5'4" to definitely less than 5'3"
Not NAS but filling a wardrobe hole:
My lilac Fly London sneakers have literally torn at the seams I've worn them that much so I'm trying these two replacements from Blackstone and Vintage Havana.


Angie Pick Tahari Jacket plus Amazon Bargain Cardi

This jacket was an Angie pick.  After trying two sizes, I settled on the smaller size.  I got some matching cropped leggings to go with the jacket.  Of course I have light purple sneakers.  Goodness seeing how revealing the backside is, I doubt I will wear these leggings in public again.

I thought wearing this outfit would make me feel good.  I was diagnosed last week with shingles.  

I am resting as much as I can.  I had some bad days this week but decided to put on outfits (rather than sweatpants) to cheer up the shingles blues.  Based on the fact that I can even get up, I would say I have a mild to middling case.  Not severe.  The pain comes at night.

The second outfit was today, another "good" day.  I got this sweater for next to nothing off Amazon.  The sneakers are an Angie pick from Blackstone, a brand that actually fits my high volume foot quite well.  I spent more time than I care to admit, creating Golden Goose style laces.  It was that or spend $600 for a real pair.  I have to say getting the laces tied in that unique way satisfied my urge to purchase the Super Stars; I saved so much money!


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My NAS items

I had good results from NAS this year.  Although a lot of my wish list items were sold out for the duration of the sale, I found some other things I'm happy with.

Veronica Beard Arya Terracotta jeans.  Keeping.  Only drawback is the exposed metal buttons on the back pockets which damages my car seat "leather" when I get into the drivers seat.  I selected a Nordstrom Everyday tank to go with it, not part of NAS but a perfect match color-wise.  I am trying to update my jeans and pants to more current silhouettes and this is a start.  In the second picture I rolled them once to achieve the cropped look on the stock photo.

The other box this outfit ticks is buying and wearing some earth tones.  I got lots of compliments when I wore these pieces the other day.

Angie pick long sleeved pink stripe tee.  Not yet worn, but keeping.  It will go well with my pastels.

Natori wireless bra set.  Keeping, but had to re-order for the proper size, I thought it ran big compared to the Feather and other Natori styles so had to size down to a smaller band and cup.  I love the one size fits all bikinis.

Nordstrom Recycled Cashmere Scarf -- Replacing a lilac scarf from a past NAS that has many many holes.  A little darker and smaller than the old one but worth a place in my closet.  Maybe it will hold up better.

Keeping all three black items for work.  The Ted Baker Bardot top is especially flattering.

On the fence about the Frame Pixie boot cut jeans.  Not a NAS item but it's really hard to find shorter length boot cuts and flares.  They are about .5 to 1 inch too short but maybe they will loosen?  I will try and post a picture.

Almost sure to be returning:  Frame Le Sylvie crop jeans.  Not flattering on me, the rise is too long and they aren't cropped on me at all.  But maybe I should post a picture here too.

100% Returning:  the Sam Edelman boots.  Width is good in the 6.5 but way too long in the toe box for my stubby toes.  Not really good for high volume feet, I was probably warned by Angie but thought I would try them anyway.


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Do I need this jacket?

I think not. Although I love the color, I have NO idea when and where I will wear it in the foreseeable future. Although I do like they way it works with all of the lilacs and pinks in my wardrobe.  And my bed quilt.

This is how I would style it, maybe for a family dinner with the in laws. Hair would not be up in a prim ponytail like this though (I was on my way to work when I took this picture).

The last time I bought a printed blazer (leopard print) I wore it three times and got laughed at by one of my employees, not confidence boosting.

What say you - K or R?

Link to item.


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WIW - Belt Bag -- Which way to wear?


I got this Erin Dana two part belt bag way back in 2014 when belt bags re-appeared on the scene.  They have changed in style.  But, I kept this item and here am trying to incorporate it into a classic outfit.

-Oversized shirt is from Zara, 2015.  Purchased at a YLF meet up!
-Mules circa 2017, "Swanki" style from Steven by Steve Madden.  Still available on Amazon.
-Legging pants from Uniqlo, 2019.  I have multiple pairs of these in two sizes to accommodate weight fluctuations,  I size up at least one size if not two to achieve a more pant-like fit.  I absolutely love these.

This belt bag is NOT practical.  I can fit my phone in the big pocket, and my car keys (ONLY) and some lip gloss in the small pocket.  Basically, everything I can get in my back pockets of the leggings.  This accessory is totally for looks.

Which belt bag wearing style do you think is better?  

1.  Waist bag style, worn high.
2.  Waist bag style, worn lower on hips.
3.  Cross body style.


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WIW moth-eaten favorites

I am having a moth problem this year.  Of course they are only going for cashmere and the most prized things in my wardrobe, such as my Rick Owens capsule.   I purchased some moth balls but they disgust me, so not an option.

I found Inge's link to the Guardian article about the moth surge.  It was in link love in December.  I think it's happening in California too, not just the UK.  Another consequence of warming, as the moths have more warmth to breed in (indoor heat contributes too).  So the jacket and dramatic cardigan in these pics, as well as two dresses, are getting holes from moths.  I've thought about discarding, but you have to look in all of the drapes to find the damage.  I'll wait until the holes get bigger I guess.

I took my RO moth food to the dry cleaners, but does that remove the larvae that feed on wool?  The Guardian article suggests that freezing is the only way to go.

Thanks for looking.


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Will wear this tomorrow

I wore this yesterday to my SO's 63rd birthday.  Embracing leopard and chocolate brown.  My new wardrobe pets for fall.

(Collect/Finds button not cooperating tonight for some items so here are the links)

In further celebration, tomorrow is dinner at an Italian restaurant with SO's college freshman daughter.  This outfit felt great and the jacket sleeves are easily scrunchable.  The belt is much darker than pictured.  Do you think this would work for a business meeting or is it too "wild"?


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My Yellow Complement

Here are some keepers as well as some things I'm considering.  


  • Naturalizer Emory sandals - better for a higher volume foot especially if you size up.
  • Kule tee
  • Michael Stars basic tee
  • MK canteen cross body bag
  • Caslon NAS plaid dress (with just a bit of yellow)
  • FS Lavita pumps

As you can see I'm collecting a range of yellow shades.  Closer to my face the cooler, greener yellows are more flattering but the striped tee is a winner because it has red and blue in it, tempering the mustard.

Returned but recommend for others:

  • Gentle Souls Rory sneaker mules -- super comfortable and great arch support.  Might re-order, I didn't keep them because I thought I didn't really need them.  Great for a wider foot with high arches.
  • Fly London sneakers -- well made and comfortable but too narrow for me.  

Considering - has anyone seen in person?

  • RM Stella tote
  • Hobo Hero tote
  • Madewell transport tote
  • Boden Brogued belt

Caslon dress, my casual Summer uniform of jeans + tee.  The yellow tote in the third photo fell apart after 3 uses!  The handle came off.  Shame on you Urban Outfitters.  Forth photo is of Dan & me with his parents at the Sandbar in Monterey CA.

ETA -- What do we think of the fit and length of the Caslon dress?  This is a medium petite.  I like the fluid fit without any pulling around my hips.  And it is a bit short on me -- see the stock photo.  But I like the way the knee length works with jeans underneath.  


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Very basic lilac with burgundy outfit.

Featuring my bargain H&M sweater, and destructed Rag & Bones from 2013. Mules and bag are from the more recent 2 seasons.

I think burgundy is nice with lilac, what do you think?

Close up was taken outside. The lilac color is making me inexplicably happy and in a fresh spring mood.


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WIW Frankenstein Ballet

This year I got a 3-show subscription to the San Francisco Ballet.  I mostly prefer abstract ballets that are music rather than story driven, but decided I had to see Frankenstein because I admire the ballet's young British choreographer Liam Scarlett.  The show did not disappoint and I was especially taken by Wei Wang who performed the role of creature.  On the night that I attended, all the lead roles were performed by Soloists not Principal dancers which I thought was great.  The costumes, lighting and sets were impressive, imaginative and gorgeous.  I did not care as much for the score but then again my appreciation for modern music is limited.

Here's what I wore.  I went for black, because I had three separate outfits and let the SO pick one out.  He enjoys being my in-house stylist, because he says it makes him feel needed.

The long sheer silk shirt dress is from 2012 or 2013.  That's how long I hang on to my things.  The red woven cashmere scarf is my newest item, from Amazon purchased as a completer.  You can sort of see how it looks with the black leather jacket in the blurry second picture.

SO looks pretty good for someone who's come off of 6 months of chemo.  He has MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes), a bone marrow disease.

ETA -- Form member Rachylou also attended this ballet, here's her outfit!  Unfortunately we went on different days, so could not do a micro meet up.


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