WIW - Feeling the color cream

It's Spring and we are having a beautiful week of weather in the 70s.  Compared to coastal California, we don't get as much perfection in the 70s, it's either cold or a lot hotter.  Anyway, I am feeling extra stylish when the weather is so stylish, hence my glut of WIW posts!  Hope you don't mind.

This is a quintessentially "me" outfit, I was happy with this one.  The jacket was a gift (used), it's IRO.  The last time I wore it y'all thought it looked too ladies who lunch, what do you think this time?

Jeans - Rag & Bone;  Booties - LD Tuttle; Tee - Everlane;  Belt - UO; Sunglasses - Anthropologie; Fringe clutch - Tylie Malibu.

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WIW - Keeping the Mom jeans

135 mostly negative reactions to Angie's blog post about Mom jeans made me want to keep these.  And yes I have been accused of being a contrarian.

I kept the smaller of the two sizes.  I felt the smaller size had just that much  less volume in the thigh to make me happy.  I kept the outfit very simple.  Oh and I realized there is a major difference between these and boyfriends when worn untucked -- the boyfriends show pockets, these do not.  What do you think?  JFE or fashion victim?

My entire Mom jean journey can be followed here.

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WIW - Jr. Theater

I had picked two potential outfits to wear to my boyfriend's daughter's play.  The Pirates of Penzance Jr., done by 7th and 8th graders.  At times I thought I was watching Waiting for Guffman Jr.  ;-)

My bf's ex was there, very awkward.  I didn't want to go too trendy, but I also wanted a touch of allure so no boyfriend/pajama/Mom/distressed jeans.

I wore the first one, we both felt it was more flattering.  The second one features my Peter Som digital print upscale tee from last Spring, a prized purchase that is now officially an orphan, have worn it once.  Maybe I need some new styling ideas.  I think the length of it is less flattering than the Vince tunic in the first outfit.

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