Backpack Update and Freebird Western Oxford Pointy Toe Bootie Review

I have purchased and returned two backpacks so far.  Both of them fail mainly on this point:  they are way too big on my petite frame.  They look so different on the models!  I guess I need to start re-imagining bags on my short self the same way I re-imagine tops, coats etc.

Pictures 1 and 2 -- Rebecca Minkoff Logan backpack (now sold out) on just barely 5'4" me and the 5'11" model.

Pictures 3 and 4 -- Same comparison with the Rachel Zoe Montana backpack.

Picture 5 -- The backpack that I now have on order is the B Brian Atwood Juliette backpack.  It looks dinky on the model so it might just work on me!  I also like that it is more structured.

Pictures 6 - 8 -- Freebird Esquina booties.  I haven't been able to wear these yet because summer lingers on, I'm still in sandals or work clogs.  I jumped on these in early August before the fire (breaking one of my rules not to buy fall merchandise until October-November) because I was afraid they would sell out.  I see they are in stock again.  They are comfortable and something in between a Western boot/pointy toe bootie/oxford.  Note how they work with a cropped pant! 


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WIW September Colors

Where I live it is most certainly still summer.  Temps between 88-98 F (over 30 C).  But, I see leaves falling off the trees and this makes me want to change my color palette, while still being comfortable in the high temps.

1/2.  Angie pick Three Dots harem pants.  I think black and white is the perfect color scheme for September, don't you?  But I overdid it on the neon highlights, I think my white watch would have worked better than the orange one.   This accessory flaw is more visible in picture 2. 
3.  Tuxedo stripe skinnies.  Milking the colored skinnies thing a bit longer!  Not sure if this top works 100% color or style wise.  Rather than a semi tuck I am trying a loose tuck in both of these outfits, just for a change.  
4.  Casual shorts outfit.  I was planning to ditch this pale green top from Zara, the shoulder line is not flattering, but kept it because it feels right for September.

Thanks for looking and opining.


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