WIW -- My Late September Lookbook

Forgive the "lookbook" conceit...

I have a little more time now for doing things that require smart casual attire -- meals out, concerts, socializing. Yay! I finally get to wear my clothes. It is still in the 90s here, the hottest summer on record, so I am dressing accordingly yet keeping the colors neutral and more pointed towards fall.

Even the most cursory look shows that I rely on certain formulas (hello jeans + tee?) ...any suggestions how to keep things fresh?

Thank you!


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Need inspiration, attending brother's -- ETA PICTURES

Tonight inside Yosemite Valley. Any ideas of what to wear? There will be lots of gear I'm sure but generally the climbing crowd is very attractive. As the sister of a well-known climber, I have no idea what I even want to convey. Just a part of the audience? I prefer being a little more fashion-forward than that.

ETA -- pictures and event update.

It turns out his speech is tomorrow. And I have a conflict!! Tomorrow I have tickets to see Mary Chapin Carpenter, with whom I attended jr. high school. So I have to pick one. Oh No! Decisions! I have so few exciting events (that offer smart casual dressing opportunities), it really sucks that they fall on the same date when I also don't have to work.

1 -- Grey under Zara jacket with heels.
2/3 -- Navy oversized swing top (same as grey one above), and tux jeans, Zara jacket. Plus 1.5" chelsea boots, given uneven terrain in park, this might be wise.
4/5 -- Same as above except J Crew v neck tee. Not so leg shortening given shorter hemline.



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WIW -- A long weekend in San Francisco

Had so much fun, did a lot of shopping -- I'll be asking for help with my purchases later.

#1 -- Worn to the Berkeley Rep's performance of Chinglish -- highly recommended! This is a new silhouette for me so I took practice pictures before I left (first 3). The sheer sleeveless tunic/dress is from Vince. Picture on far right is how I actually styled it (less jewelry but a true statement piece in silver and gemstones, hand-made). However it's not a great picture.

#2 -- Worn to Opening Night at the San Francisco Opera. Lots of long dresses! The mayor and Nancy Pelosi were there.

#3 -- A collage of my casual looks, which I would classify as smart casual.

Outfit details next, for those interested and with time. Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW -- Once again, going tonal and a re-mix

Among the trends from spring, tonal dressing is something that still feels "right" to me.

Picture 1 -- Tonal outfit. You've seen all of these pieces already except for the mauve cocoon top from the Gap. I wanted to return it because (after paying full price in June) I realized there were two pen marks on it. I decided to live with the marks after the return period expired. :-o

Pictures 2 -- Re-mix outfit.

Thoughts on the collage approach? I always photograph a few shots with and without flash. E.g., flash image is on the left, non-flash on the right in pic #1. The real colors are somewhere between each picture. Made with powerpoint then exported to jpeg. For me, easier and quicker than picasa.

Thank you for looking and commenting!


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