WIW - Baby Shower Plus New Adia Kibur Semi-Statement Necklace

I was planning to wear my new Paige skinny white jeans to the baby shower, in a mostly white outfit I had in my head.  But, a few extra pounds this weeks made me feel uncomfortable so I opted for these items which haven't gotten enough wear as it is.

Pictures 1 & 2 - Vince top, Vince Camuto print pants and Adia Kibur necklace.  BB Dakota unlined leather jacket.  Night time baby shower on a Tuesday.  A friend asked, who has a baby shower on a Tuesday night, and my answer was, restaurant owners!  The couple own another restaurant/hotel in town and we have become good friends.

Picture 3 -- Worn yesterday.  This is the Boho kimono jacket I got at Zara a few months ago but have yet to wear.  Sized up skinny jeans from Levi's, tee also from Zara and same necklace as above.

Picture 4 -- Today, prior to the shower.  White tee H&M, True Religion Camerons in Sem Defiance wash.  Plus all the accessories I am currently obsessed with:  the McQ razor bracelet, the Adia Kibur necklace, the Splendid sandals and the J Crew Boys belt.

Here's the question of the day and honesty is sought.  The outfit in pics 1 and 2 -- does this silhouette do me any favors?  Something about it makes me look bigger than I am -- the high neckline, the undefined waist and the top which clearly ends at my widest point.  Should I tuck the top, or wear the pants with a different tucked top, something with an open neckline?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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WIW - Mid-April Looks

Nothing here was fussed over, every thing just grab and go. 

Thanks for looking and commenting.

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WIW - Bra Fit Study Plus the Results of My Latest Coin Flip

I try to pull together at least one WIW a week.  Just so I don't get too lazy!  Even though my outfits start to look a lot alike.

Picture 1 -- WIW today, it was windy in the low 60s.
Picture 2 -- My first try.  It is so hard for me to get out of my slouchy cardis.  But I realized, slouchy tee needs a more structured topper so I opted for this unlined leather jacket I got last year from BB Dakota (shown in #1).  The other thing I changed was my bra!  Picture 2 shows me in an old, ill-fitting Vanity Fair bra.  Dare I say it creates a frumpier, definitely larger silhouette than the bra I'm wearing in picture #1.
Picture 3 -- As in #1, the new Simone Perele is worn here.
Picture 4/5 -- When I am uncertain about something, I will flip a coin and then live with the decision.  Coin flip said to keep this Alexander McQueen razor bracelet.  It may not fit right, but my boyfriend thought it looked evil and he liked that.  Now I've scratched it so I guess it'll be part of my accessories collection.

Thanks for looking!  Have you experienced the effect of a better-fitting bra?

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My Style at 55 (Long)

Since I am turning 55 this April, the “age appropriate” question is once again turning over in my mind.  With the ease of Pinterest, I have been pinning looks that spark this age-old question:  is it appropriate, or not?  They’re mostly pinned to a board I’ve called “Yay or Nay.”  Now you might be one who says “who needs rules?”  and that appeals to me.  But to me, style is ALL about the details.  Herewith, my thoughts on this topic; please join with your thoughts/tell me I’m crazy/tell me I’m right, whatever your age.

Looks that I left behind a while ago.

Short skirts
Flirty skirts
Short shorts
Shorts with tights
Beachy, strapless tops and dresses when not at a beach
Body con mini dresses
Cute/frilly mini dresses
Sheer tops with visible bra
Uggs worn with skinnies
Bare midriff looks
Tops or dresses showing a lot of armpit, neck, and bust

Big question marks 
 -- things I love but may have to start leaving behind (on no!).  Up for discussion!  Can you figure out how to make them work for me?

Camo chic
Graphic tees
Skinny, skinny jeans especially in light colors (pastel, white, cream)
White moto vest -- unless I can find one I can afford in real leather
Backpacks (breaks my heart)
Graphic sweaters and sweatshirts that are “cute”
Very Boho looks
Very rock & roll looks
All-black outfits
Distressed tees and “neckstrap” tees
Open back tops
Statement necklaces that put too much focus on my (ehem) neck
Arm party

Current trends I feel comfortable with and happy to embrace
(this is still an incomplete list)

Bermuda shorts
Colorblock shoes
White with brights, white with black
Open knitwear
Panama hats

Current trends I can make work, if done right

High Style tees (if NOT worn with head-to-toe trendy)
Distressed denim (when worn with more structured, classic pieces)
Boyfriend jeans (if NOT worn with dramatic contrasts like stiletto heels)
Fashion sweatshirts (without cute factor)
Dramatic flares

Classics that work at any age (although may be a bit dressy for my lifestyle)

Sheath dress at knee length
Pencil skirts
Tailored trousers
White button downs
Structured blazers

Looks that I'm leaving behind because I don't like the way they look on me

Midi skirts worn with flats
Athletic shoes/Cons
Leggings with tunics

Keep in mind, this is for 55, not 40, 45 or 50.  There is a difference!  As much as a difference between 25 to 40, although the fashion world tends to lump together every thing after 40. 

It actually feels liberating to come to a place of acceptance about all of this. 


WIW - Fast Fallback in Fall Colors

Believe it or not, the tee and cardi are actually recent -- I got them 3 weeks ago, so this color of orange must be intended for Spring.   I was attracted to this color because I recently purchased this jacket from Zara.  http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs.....JAPANESE+P Whose colors then began a chain reaction, as suddenly I needed another 3 items (this cardi and two tops) to work these items into my wardrobe. :)

The jeans are the recent True Religions that you can see look a bit lighter on a bright day.
Cardi -- Free People (eek, I have three in this same style)
Tee -- Zara
Booties -- Rag & Bone
Caramel belt -- Madewell *highly recommend*
Leather bracelets:  Linea Pelle (studs), Billy Kirk
Watch:  Michael Kors
Sharktooth Pendant -- A Peace Treaty

Nothing special here but a true COTG outfit (CocoLion On The Go).

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