PMWIW -- Rustic West and Alaskagirl Inspired

I'm sorry I've been mostly absent the past few days.  I've been under the weather -- fighting something intestinal -- and had to take some rest, I'm better now but have had a long work day, so again, no time.

Here's my photography contribution.  I really enjoyed this part of the challenge, and hope to make more effort in the future.

1/2 -- Here's another homage to Clint Eastwood, complete with sepia tone effect.  Picture 2 is the outfit in color.  You've seen these pieces many times, including the Ross poncho, now in its 4th season.

3 -- This is the Una / Alaskagirl look.  What do you think?  Does pink go with layered green?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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PMWIW Challenge I -- Everyday Real

I am currently making more of an effort to look not just casual but smart casual in my everyday, at home outfits.  These were outfits I wore before starting work at 3 pm.  All outfits rely heavily on my favorites -- sweaters, skinnies and ankle boots.

1 -- Yesterday.  Black skinnies + black turtleneck + navy vest with black faux leather pockets.  The only thing new here is the Ann Taylor navy vest.  I know black near my face it not my best color and fairly aging, so I'm considering purging this turtleneck.  What do you think?  Am I allowed to have some black tops or should I let go of them?

2 -- Today.  Vintage cashmere sweater + white shirt + dark wash skinnies + brown Western style booties.  Everything here is 3 plus years old, I think the shirt is the newest piece.  They don't make cashmere like they used to.  This has not a hint of pilling and it was worn all the time in the late 90s when I purchased it.  Do you think the sweater still works or does it look dated?  I might have quality cashmere goggles on.

Thanks for looking and commenting and participating in the challenge!


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