Are these cone heeled shoes dated? And a WIW. ETA- Close Ups of Shoes

Here's a twofer for you:

1.  WIW today for a dinner party.  This came together in about 10 minutes, if that (I actually wore the pants to work).  March might be a little late for burgundy.  What do you think?  Do you feel weird wearing autumnal colors in Spring?

2/3.  Question about these booties.  They are comfortable and I like the low ankle position.  But the cone heels are a little teeter-y and dated.  I've been thinking of getting them re-heeled.  Or is it not worth it, given these shoes also have those Sharpei folds, another dead giveaway for their pre-YLF, 2010 vintage.  Sorry the pictures aren't very close-up, hope you can make out the overall look of them.

Thanks for looking and weighing in!

ETA -- added shoe close-ups

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WIW: Vernal Equinox

Happy First Day of Spring YLF!

This is such a typically "me" outfit.  I wonder if I am in a style rut.  The jeans are new Current/Elliot "Rolled Skinny" in Bleeker wash.  The ones the Barney's SA thought were more age appropriate than the distressed kind.  O_o

I normally would not post a scowling face (2nd pic) but I decided to do so to prove a point.  It really is true what Andy Rooney said.  The cheapest plastic surgery is a smile.  I think I look a good 5 years older when I scowl.

Thanks for looking!

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Inspired by Anna: My version of the boring comfortable outfit

OK, I don't think my version is like Anna's but she did inspire me to post it even though it is nothing special.

Thermofix sweatshirt - Zara
Boyfriend jeans - True Religion Cameron "Baja" wash
Booties - Report Marks

Super simple, super comfortable.  I added a silver leather bracelet later in the day.  I almost returned this top because, a month ago, the forum preferred the other Zara white sweatshirt.  But TinaB suggested keeping both.  I am so glad she did, I love both of them but especially this one!

So -- style questions.  What do you think of this cropped boxy top proportion?  And paired with bf jeans rather than skinnies (mildly volume on volume)?  I would have worn these with another, lighter pair of bf's but I'm at my bf's and didn't bring many clothes.  :-)

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WIW -- Loose and Tight Pants Comparison

So for the past year I've been moving towards looser pants / boyfriend jeans. However I do still participate in the skinny jeans look. Here are three looks taken over three consecutive days, I am around 5 lb heavier than normal due to the restaurant being closed. You can see those 5 lbs with the skinny jeans/high contrast outfit, but the looser pants totally hide my love of Lindor Truffles!

1/2 -- Lunch with my Mom's financial advisors. Bellatrix bird baseball jacket from Nordstrom, H&M viscose track pants.

3 -- The super tight pants (self-distressed 7FAM), with a Zara sweatshirt.

4 -- Skinny jeans 2 sizes up from above jeans, from Levi's. $6.99 at Urban Outfitters! Daftbird henley from Shopbop.

Thanks for looking and commenting and any ideas how to hide 5 lbs are welcome!


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