WIW - My favorite Spring trends - pic heavy

Hello YLF, I haven't had as much forum time, I miss every one!  In honor of Summer Solstice, here are some Spring outfit pictures I've collected.  I think they represent my favorite trends of the season.

Pictures 1-2-3:  Trend - Non-denim bottoms.  Loving the tapered casual pants I found at Zara.  Love this style of trousers because I have an excuse to put my hands in my pockets (not possible, really, with denim).
Picture 2:  Trend - black and white.
Pictures 2-3:  Trend - Cropped boxy tops.
Pictures 4-5:  Trend - casual vests
Pictures 4 & 6:  Trend - Boyfriend jeans
Pictures 7-8:  Trend - Tonal dressing.  The greys are getting far more play than the white.  I've only worn all-white twice.  Thanks Angie for convincing me to get the lower priced white Kuts -- all-white is really tough on a ranch with three big dogs and a fluffy cat.  
Picture 9:  Trend - Statement necklaces (also shown in pictures 1 and 2).Remember the wedding I went to?  YLF picked this top for me.  So I would have to say coral and pinky oranges are another happy favorite this season.  Pictured here with my boyfriend's Dad.

Bonus picture 10:  De-bombshelled short-shorts!  Don't worry I didn't leave the house.  If I pose/walk around with my head down no one will see how age inappropriate these are for me.  The sad fact is, that short-shorts actually flatter my legs better than knee shorts (picture 11).  But I can't get myself to go out in short-shorts.

Thanks for looking and commenting!  What are your favorite Spring trends?


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