K/R - The Rag & Bone "Miramar" Pajama Jean

For your comments, here are pictures of the Rag & Bone Miramar Pajama jean which I referred to in a recent thread. These are a size S, I think they look ok but you tell me if you think otherwise.

Caveat:  I know these are not conventionally flattering!  But they are so comfortable.  They truly are sweatpants.  I think I would have preferred a more tapered lower leg profile, but oh well, maybe this is more modern.

I found the biggest challenge was choosing the right footwear and at the same time, figuring out if it was better to wear them full length or rolled once or twice.  The other issue is tucking vs not tucking.  The waist is quite high, making tucking more challenging but you can also roll the waist down once for a lower rise look.

Yay = keep
Nay = return

Picture 1 -- Semi-tucked, with shorter vamp ankle boots.  
2 -- With different tops but the same foot and ankle strategy as #1.
3 -- With sandals and slouchy tie dye top
4 -- Back view
5 -- Untucked look, rolled way up above Newburys
6 -- Layered crop top and tucked inside Newburys
7 -- Pulled all the way down, full length

Thanks for looking and letting me know what you think.  Honest opinions wanted.


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Newer Denim Concepts?

Since Angie was on the topic of boyfriend jeans this morning...  I'm always on the lookout for denim ideas.  Here are some on my list.  

1 and 2 -- The Upscale Pajama Jean -- Courtesy of Rag & Bone.

3 - Denim overalls -- not exactly new but new to this forum.  Anna rocks them.  Anyone else?

4 and 5 - Mom jeans -- Also not exactly new, but catching on.  This has a higher rise than a boyfriend, is more fitted through the hip but nice and roomy in the thigh, while tapered at the ankle.  Rag & Bone calls this fit the Marilyn.  Also available at UO, where they call a spade a spade.

So, what does everyone think?  Which of these, if any, would you try?


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Pear Dressing, trying Angie's Boxy Sweater Ensemble

Here, a WIMW and a WIW inspired by Angie's popular boxy shirt under a boxy sweater ensemble.

First, a What I Might Wear.  Pictures 1-3.  
Here I am using Angie's advanced pear guidelines keeping the fit fluid.  The cropped top draws the eye up as does the modern sleeve type.  I just love the focus on sleeves right now -- keeps things away from the bottom half.  The white shirt is curved and shorter, therefore drawing the eye away from the hip.  My refinement, after looking at the pictures, was to unroll the sleeves so there's not such a straight line where the cropped top ends. 

Next, the WIW.  Today.
1 -- What I actually wore.  
2 -- Almost wore

Although I preferred the cream color near my face in #5, I opted for #4 because figure flattery usually trumps color flattery with me.  I was afraid the white shirt bottom created a skirt drawing the eye right to my widest point.  It occurred to me later to try this with the white shirt in the hypothetical outfit above -- maybe that's the best solution, but I ran out of time.

Thanks for looking.  What do you think?


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WIW -- Some work, some don't. Help me analyze.

I thought I would post some outfits from the past 30 days.  I felt happy with some of them, not happy with others.

First, the happy.
1.  I am usually never happy in flats.  But here, since the pants are already leg shortening, it just seems to work.  I get to have a long torso look in this dog-walking outfit (from LA, when it was warm).
2.  I tried a graphic tee with jeans vest from an outfit I had put on one of my pin boards, happy with the overall effect.
3.  Inspiration picture for #2 above.
4.  Dinner at a friend of my boyfriend's house, didn't want to be too fashion-forward nor too dressed up.  Good thing because the host wore sweatpants.

Second, the not-quite happy.
5.  Wore to dinner with forum member MaryK in LA.  Nothing wrong with it but it somehow feels too preppy for me.  What do you think, in general, about stepping out on your authentic style persona?  Is there a way to make it feel more "me"? Should I have removed the scarf?  A different pair of trousers/jeans?
6. What's wrong here, I need an Rx.  Is it the shoes, would a slightly lower vamp work?  The outfit look frumpy with the pants unrolled (too short).  Poor choice of shirt?  Does it need a belt?  It's nice to go belt-less.
7.  The above outfit looks a bit better from the side which makes me think the shirt is the biggest problem.

Please comment freely!!  I had a few other not-quite-rights this month but failed to take pictures. 


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