WIW -- Casual Holiday Outfits

Once again I am behind on posting individual WIWs so here you get a whole collection. I am posting them in the sequence of wear.

1/2 -- Nordies "Space Age" sweater makes its debut for the first Christmas party I could make it to (missed the first one). Worn with Paige subtle paisley print jeans, I was employing Angie's formula subbing the shiny sparkly jeans with these.

3/4 -- Plaid outfit for our restaurant Christmas party.

5 -- A Christmas shopping with Mom outfit. (I love this, I feel grown up in this outfit.)

6 -- Christmas Day outfit. My SIL gave me this J Crew Collection cashmere sweater for Christmas. I would not have chosen a turtleneck for myself as I run very hot. But I still like it and my DBF loves this color on me. Worn with subtly patterned 7FAM skinnies.

7 -- For a dinner party I held last night. Very body con. I think this is not me, the problem is with the high neckline and top length which I do not find flattering on myself. (But so many necklines are high right now, ugh.) Oh well, a good experiment as the top was just $24.

Thanks for looking and commenting.


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WIW -- Androgynous

Here they are, the love/hate pants. Having never posted a side view, I have realized these give androgynous dressing a whole new meaning.

Pictures 1 & 2 -- no matter how I stand, it looks like I have a package. Still keeping them though! This actually makes me laugh at myself.

3 -- today's outfit. The pants and jacket are so trendy, I'm taming the outfit by leaving off bling, wearing a simple white tee, and wearing an old, hand-made belt. (Thanks for the inspiration via Pinterest Angie -- it was your picture of the leather sweat pants and conservative top and coat that directed me here.)

Jacket: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com.....CH+RESULTS

It took me two weeks to air out the chemical smell, but I'm very happy with the fit and look of it. I actually think it looks better IRL than on the site. This is a size S.


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WIW -- Trendy Leopard Top from Zara

When Angie blogged about this type of top, I just had to have one. http://youlookfab.com/2012/11/.....t-fashion/

I like that it's like a tee or sweatshirt, but different. Here I've styled it casually. I'm trying to be on trend, but not over the top trendy. I have decided I don't want to look head to toe trendy, just *mostly* trendy.

So -- the booties are pre YLF and not especially trendy. My hair is not trendy. The bf jeans, while trendy, are rolled to my own un-trendy longer length, not the higher length.

Or am I fooling myself? Does anyone else feel like this? I used to incorporate more vintage items as a sure-fire way not to be head-to-toe trendy.


WIW -- Tuxedo Pants (not jeans)

Hello, it's been a while since I've posted a WIW or spent much time posting. A situation that needs fixing! Here goes.

Tuxedo pants -- Shakuhachi via Urban Outfitters (they are now cheaper than when I bought them, grrrrrr). But still highly recommended. I feel they are style shifters, in a good way. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com.....CH+RESULTS
Striped top -- Soft Joie via Shopbop
Western-style bootie -- Vintage Shoe Co. via Nordstrom
Leather Jacket -- Zara
Colorblocked Clutch -- Nicoli (Made in Italy) which is my latest TJ score. It's buttery soft and I love it! Are you a "Maxxinista" too?!?

Thoughts/comments? Do you think I look too washed out here, do I need to infuse more color into this outfit? Thank you!


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