WIW -- Before and After Exercises

Or should I say, the final outfits and the outfits that were learning opportunities.

1. Super casual! I have to return the shoes, too small. I felt this version worked better than #2. Better choice of bottoms (less contrast w/ top), footwear and necklace.

2. This was the first version (worn a whole day). I had been very sick and this was the first day I managed to get myself dressed. I felt OK in this outfit but after looking at the picture I thought, OMG! open-toed flatforms next to a horse! He is very gentle though.

3. Picture taken after a 13-hour day. See how much better with the top under layer semi tucked? However I think I walked around most of the day with the top falling out, as in #4. :-o

4. These last two pictures are taking some courage to post. 70% of the time I look like this. And this is how I look, right now, I'm starting work at 4pm today.

5. However, I do think I've improved my uniform since last year. I do still wear boot cuts but try to keep with darker washes. No more t-shirts any more, which I think befits this "mature" waitress. I took this picture Feb. 2011. YLF has been a good influence!

Comments welcome and thanks for looking!


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WIW -- New Tylie Malibu Boho Clutch

Hello YLF -- it's been a while since I posted a WIW. This is a very casual outfit (waving to Cheryl). The Boho nature of the bag inspired me to go in that direction with my layered necklaces.

Top -- From last year, brand? purchased off Gilt.
Jeans -- Mossimo Target
Sandals -- Adrienne Vitadinni via TJ Maxx
Bag -- Tylie Malibu via Endless
Necklaces -- The shorter one is from Lucky, the long one is vintage from the 1920s.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW -- More tonal looks & nature inspired outfits

I have made a passionate commitment to tonal dressing this season! Even at risk of boring you with more of the same, here are some recent WIWs.

1 -- 7FAM white "The Slim Trouser" jeans I got last year. De-orphaning them along with my already much-worn holey Willow & Clay sweater and highlighter pen colored leather belt from J Crew (also in heavy rotation).

2 -- Else yellow gold jeans from Macy's, Zara blazer from last year, cream shirt from Elements (Macy's).

3 -- Day 1 of Bella's Inspired by Nature challenge.

4 -- Day 2 from challenge. I posted these in the challenge threads already.

ETA -- Everything here has been re-mixed except for the ankle length trousers in picture #3.


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