WIW - Loungewear inspired by a tree

Every once in a while we share loungewear here on YLF.  This is my get-out-of-bed uniform most of the year.  (I don't do traditional loungewear.)  In the winter I add a chunky cardigan and booties.  I keep repeating variations on the theme of green and pink/red because it reminds me of this Mimosa tree.  Which matches my watermelon flip flops perfectly!  Oddly high happiness factor with these outfits -- I think it's the colors.

Jeans -- TR Cameron in Missouri wash (over 2 years old), both tees are from Gap, also 2 years ago.  Flip flops are new from H&M, purchased this month -- already the print is coming off, go fast fashion.

Anyone else purge their lounge/yoga pants in favor of boyfriend jeans?  


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WIW to get kicked off the jury

Here are several recent outfits.  Anna's thread about what do you look for in a WIW made me think it might be fun to present a collection of recent outfits.

1.  Worn to get excused from jury duty.  I purposely tried to look "different" so I would get excused.  I went through 4 hours of Voir Dire, then the attorneys have the right to excuse certain people without explanation (forgot the term for it).  It happens this way every time.  The prosecutor excuses me.  How can they tell that I am predisposed to support the underdog AND I feel a high burden of proof must come upon the prosecutors and police etc.  They seem to suss this out every time (defense attorneys have never excused me).  

Outfit:  Raquel Allegra top, UO harem pants, Zara slides.

2.  Worn to my boyfriend's daughter's 8th grade graduation.  My hair was not this untidy!

Outfit:  Zara top, H&M track pants, Nordtsrom (brand?) ankle strap pumps.

3.  Brunch with boyfriend's family the day after graduation.

Outfit:  Madewell tee, Splendid sandals, Levi's jeans, J Crew boy's belt.

4.  I spent a few days in SF last week.  I love this Zara sweater but it is starting to get lopsided, even though it hasn't gone through the wash.  Oh Zara, ephemeral Zara.

Outift:  Zara sweater, UO jeans, Vic Italy booties.

5.  Another SF outfit:  Just Female leather moto, Diesel Black Gold sweater, Rag & Bone jeans, H&M tote bag.

Which is/are your favorites?  Thanks for looking and commenting!  

Looking at these pictures I have noticed how I have gone back to lower priced shopping.  Not entirely but more than last year.  I have some thoughts about that, which I might share at a later point.


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