WIW - to get the senior discount

My life is so uneventful right now.  My one occasion where I felt the urge to step up my outfit a bit was to go grocery shopping for dinner.  (Garlic & mustard roasted chicken, rice, and southwest salad.)  When the young male cashier asked me if I was eligible for any discounts, I remembered that it was Tuesday and that's senior discount day.  So I said yes, I get the senior discount!  He told me you have to be 55 to get that and I told him, yes, I just turned 55 in April.  I couldn't tell if he was genuinely doubting my age or if he was trying to flatter me.  Anyway he got an A+ for handling a potentially awkward moment well.

Jeans - Free people via Shopbop
Booties - Rag & Bone via Shopbop
Tee -- H&M
Necklace - Adia Kibur via Shopbop
Bracelet -- last year's NAS
Watch - Fossil via Macy's
Bag -- Nicoli via TJ Maxx  (never heard of this brand but the leather is fantastic!)

Each week when I post a WIW I pose a fashion question for the week.  Here goes this week's.  In this outfit I am wearing a lace bra.  Do you think lace bras work under tee shirts or should one strictly wear a smooth tee shirt bra with tees?

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WIW - The dog days of summer

Currently I am trying to weed out unflattering cuts and colors on me, specifically for tops.  So, what do you think of these two cuts and colors? 

#1 -- Worn to meet friends, super casual setting.  Top is from last year C& C California via Shopbop.

#2-3 -- To run errands and go see "The Heat."  Movie name notwithstanding, our local theater is the only arctic place in the county, hence the 14-year old denim jacket.  Top is from Three Dots also via Shopbop.  

BTW the shorts worn in both pictures are from Kut (via TJ Maxx) and the sandals are Sam Edelman via Amazon.

Thanks for looking and commenting.  What about you -- are you wearing shorts right now or can you get away with longer pants?  A cool day for us is 92, so even loose boyfriend jeans feel too confining for this kind of weather.  It's supposed to climb to 104 this weekend.  :-(   :-(   :-(


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WIWs Plus Keep or Purge?

1.  These are the only pair of colored jeans I have left, I sold most of my inventory on eBay last February but these Rag & Bones came back because I failed to notice a small pen mark on them.  Keep?  Purge?

2.  Same jeans worn the next day with a grey Splendid trapeze top that I'm thinking might go.  Just not that flattering and impossible to cover my bra. So the top = keep?  purge? 

3.  Wore this to lunch at the local Mexican place, this bridged casual to smart casual easily.  The shoes are fairly beat up but I pulled them out of my garbage (!) because they are still useful to me.  The sole is visibly split... hmmm... should they go back in the trash?  I can also replace them, they are sold on Amazon for around $40 right now.

ETA -- 4.  Got two of these tops from Zara a few months ago.  They are loose and cool but the shoulder line looks quite unflattering I think.  I have plenty of other tops to wear, it's not like I need them.  Keep? Purge?

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