WIW - More Angie Ensembles and how to lose 10 lbs + 10 years during the holidays!

As I mentioned in my last WIW, I wanted to challenge myself to use Angie's ensemble series to create outfits this week.  Here's the continuation.

1/2.  Party outfit inspired by "Ankle Pants with Ankle Strap Shoes" 
3/4.  Casual layers inspired by "Casual Layers with Cuddl Duds"
5/6.  Holiday shopping outfit inspired by "Classic Fall Casual" ensemble.
7.  Showing my Secret Santa gift -- stud earrings!

Now for the part you've been waiting for -- how to lose 10 lbs/10 years during the holidays!
- First, take a picture of yourself in front of a skinny retail mirror (picture 5)
- Second tip -- lean forward (picture 3) -- it will take inches off your thighs, and by pitching your torso forward your legs look miles long!! 
- Third tip:  never actually get a camera lens close to your face.  Instead, take a picture from at least 3 ft away (preferably 5-10) then crop out everything but your face.  (Picture 7) The grainy, blown up picture wipes away crows feet and turkey neck.  No retouching wand needed!  Also the use of flash fill is like a bit of botox or at least equal to a soft focus filter.  Seriously. OK just half serious.   ;-)

Thanks for looking and commenting!  Any further weight loss/anti-aging tips welcome!


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WIW: Casual Layers, Free of Seasonally Confused Footwear

This outfit (picture 1) was inspired by Angie's recent Casual Layers ensemble (picture 2).  Feeling bored with my work outfit routine, I decided to challenge myself by trying out as many Angie ensembles this week as possible.  

So most of you know I live a casual lifestyle in the mountains and work at my family's cafe.  If you live in N. California you might also know we had a big storm on Friday night.  The snow still hasn't melted -- quite unusual for us, our average December temperatures are around 54F.  Night time temps have been in the teens, nothing for you Northerners but our plumbing is not built for hard freezes like this -- we already had one pipe bur$t.  Anyway, I still can't drive to work, I had to walk (picture 3).  Not that it was unpleasant!

So - back to the outfit. It felt good using both the chambray shirt and the color block jacket, they had become orphans.  And I know the leg-shortening snow boots don't look as good as 4" pumps, but they got me to work safely. 

Oops -- I did forget to include the Zara tote in the outfit picture; I have the same one!


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