Do I need this jacket?

I think not. Although I love the color, I have NO idea when and where I will wear it in the foreseeable future. Although I do like they way it works with all of the lilacs and pinks in my wardrobe.  And my bed quilt.

This is how I would style it, maybe for a family dinner with the in laws. Hair would not be up in a prim ponytail like this though (I was on my way to work when I took this picture).

The last time I bought a printed blazer (leopard print) I wore it three times and got laughed at by one of my employees, not confidence boosting.

What say you - K or R?

Link to item.


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Three birds with one stone here.

Picture 1 - First, a K/R.  I purchased these Okalas recently at TJ Maxx.  They are a deep chocolate brown, and they were $60.  I was in the store getting a fathers day gift when I saw them.  I got them specifically to wear with this Rick Owens pod skirt (I also have a jacket and long skirt in the same color way called "Dark Dust").  It is a brownish-grayish-greenish neutral color that I felt was more flattering on me than black.  The problem is, it's a challenging color to work with as it's not a currently trendy color.  What do you think, do they work or should I keep looking?

Picture 2 -- Actual outfit worn to fathers day brunch.  Helmut Lang top from 2012, above RO skirt via, Sam Edelman sandals from last year.

Picture 3 -- Worn on one of the last cooler days of Spring.  Top from the Rack from 2011, Rag & Bone jeans from 2013, sandals are new but already quite trashed as they were $13 at Ross.  I love them, they're from Sbicca and I can't find a replacement anywhere!

Picture 4 -- More recent picture reflecting hot weather with happily age inappropriate outfit.  Shorts are Genetic, a hand-me-down from one of my sister's clients.  Blouse is from Kohl's Milly collection.  Skull clutch is from Shopbop and getting lots of wear.  No one coughed behind my back in these shorts while I was shopping for black work pants.

PSA -- Shopbop currently has a 25% extra off sale coupon.  Code 25MORE.  Expires tomorrow.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you think I should keep the Okalas, or keep looking for a better match with this custom color "Dark Dust."


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LD Tuttle Ankle Boots from Shopbop Arrived!

I ordered these during Shopbop's Friends & Family Sale (expires tonight at midnight PST).  Code is SPRING25.  I love them!  I was worried they'd be too narrow as the last pair of LDT's were.  But these are perfect, and fit me just as others have.  I'm quite sure I'm keeping them, but if you see something I don't, let me know. 

Shown longer (1), ankle length cuffed (2), and from the back (3).

So am I right, are these keepers?


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More Mom chic -- your thoughts on these sandals?

Since last year's furry Birkenstocks (Celine), this style shoe has made a come-back.  (The link is further down in the article.)  This is part of the overall fashion trend of comfort right now, which Inge blogged about recently.   

I have purchased three sandals that fit in the comfort category from Zara, two are modeled below, the third pair on its way.  I've seen other ones but for $300 I'm preferring Zara's lower price points.  What do you think?  

I really like the comfort they promise.  But are they in any conceivable way, stylish looking?  Or is this another example of me drinking the Mom jean Kool-aid?  Can I pull this off, and are they suitable for someone my age?

Pictures 1-3.  Zara Birk knock-off with buckle.

Pictures 4-7.  Zara Bio sandal.

Picture 8.  The awaited Track Sole sandals.


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Backpack Update and Freebird Western Oxford Pointy Toe Bootie Review

I have purchased and returned two backpacks so far.  Both of them fail mainly on this point:  they are way too big on my petite frame.  They look so different on the models!  I guess I need to start re-imagining bags on my short self the same way I re-imagine tops, coats etc.

Pictures 1 and 2 -- Rebecca Minkoff Logan backpack (now sold out) on just barely 5'4" me and the 5'11" model.

Pictures 3 and 4 -- Same comparison with the Rachel Zoe Montana backpack.

Picture 5 -- The backpack that I now have on order is the B Brian Atwood Juliette backpack.  It looks dinky on the model so it might just work on me!  I also like that it is more structured.

Pictures 6 - 8 -- Freebird Esquina booties.  I haven't been able to wear these yet because summer lingers on, I'm still in sandals or work clogs.  I jumped on these in early August before the fire (breaking one of my rules not to buy fall merchandise until October-November) because I was afraid they would sell out.  I see they are in stock again.  They are comfortable and something in between a Western boot/pointy toe bootie/oxford.  Note how they work with a cropped pant! 


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So excited! New Rag & Bone Tuxedo Jeans.

I got them a few days ago. Here are some lab pictures taken late last night (apologizing for the bad hair and makeup). The coral top matches but is so short, I'm getting rid of it.

I love these jeans (even if they start sliding)! I love the way they make my curves look good! For the longest time, I've wanted a straight rectangle shape with the straight boyish legs to go with it, so I would look better in skinny jeans. Now, finally a pair that work with my shape.

Now I'm wanting them in khaki!


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