WIW Harem Pants and Cropped Top

Here's what I wore to spend a fabulous day with some of the LA ladies of YLF -- Rae, MaryK and Adelfa.

The pants and sweater are from UO.  The top underneath is fairly old, it shrank but is perfect for this seater.  This outfit was very comfortable, I took sneakers along just in case but the Newbury's worked fine.  The second picture shows the outfit with a leather moto but I didn't need that either, the weather was in the 70s.

The picture's a bit blurry and perhaps a different lip shade would have brought more color to my face, but this look is not about conventional figure or color flattery.  I like that I figured out a way to wear a cropped top without baring any skin.  The pants have a  high waist.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW - Poncho Style Inspired by Clint Eastwood

This morning when I saw Angie's blog entry about poncho style I did a double take.  Because yesterday I became officially (re)obsessed with ponchos.  "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" was on TV and while I only saw part of it, I was very taken by Clint's style in the trio of Sergio Leone movies.  There are some pictures in the latest entries of a Pinterest board of mine.

1/2.  I decided this was a very good, if a bit costume-y, outfit for my ranch lifestyle.  Shown with simple charcoal jeans and navy wrap worn poncho style.  The hat is from the 70s, it's actually even made in the USA, it belongs to my mother. 

3.  Tried with tall Newbury heels but I think the Western low heeled booties work better here.  And much more practical.

4/5/6/7.  Inspiration pictures.

Thanks for looking and commenting!  I'm now officially on the hunt for a woven poncho with minimal patterns, the ultimate bad boy booties, and a shearling vest -- maybe.


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