My NAS items

I had good results from NAS this year.  Although a lot of my wish list items were sold out for the duration of the sale, I found some other things I'm happy with.

Veronica Beard Arya Terracotta jeans.  Keeping.  Only drawback is the exposed metal buttons on the back pockets which damages my car seat "leather" when I get into the drivers seat.  I selected a Nordstrom Everyday tank to go with it, not part of NAS but a perfect match color-wise.  I am trying to update my jeans and pants to more current silhouettes and this is a start.  In the second picture I rolled them once to achieve the cropped look on the stock photo.

The other box this outfit ticks is buying and wearing some earth tones.  I got lots of compliments when I wore these pieces the other day.

Angie pick long sleeved pink stripe tee.  Not yet worn, but keeping.  It will go well with my pastels.

Natori wireless bra set.  Keeping, but had to re-order for the proper size, I thought it ran big compared to the Feather and other Natori styles so had to size down to a smaller band and cup.  I love the one size fits all bikinis.

Nordstrom Recycled Cashmere Scarf -- Replacing a lilac scarf from a past NAS that has many many holes.  A little darker and smaller than the old one but worth a place in my closet.  Maybe it will hold up better.

Keeping all three black items for work.  The Ted Baker Bardot top is especially flattering.

On the fence about the Frame Pixie boot cut jeans.  Not a NAS item but it's really hard to find shorter length boot cuts and flares.  They are about .5 to 1 inch too short but maybe they will loosen?  I will try and post a picture.

Almost sure to be returning:  Frame Le Sylvie crop jeans.  Not flattering on me, the rise is too long and they aren't cropped on me at all.  But maybe I should post a picture here too.

100% Returning:  the Sam Edelman boots.  Width is good in the 6.5 but way too long in the toe box for my stubby toes.  Not really good for high volume feet, I was probably warned by Angie but thought I would try them anyway.


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