WIW - Very pink Angie pick sweater

When Angie showed this affordable ($60) Zara sweater I knew I had to own  it.  I got stared at in this --  probably because it's very pink and the curved hemline, roomy fit and drop shoulder seam aren't the norm here yet.  I think this actually called more attention towards me than the pajama jeans the day before.

I am very pleased with the sweater, it's 100% cotton and has the feel of a $200 garment.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


More Mom chic -- your thoughts on these sandals?

Since last year's furry Birkenstocks (Celine), this style shoe has made a come-back.  (The link is further down in the article.)  This is part of the overall fashion trend of comfort right now, which Inge blogged about recently.   

I have purchased three sandals that fit in the comfort category from Zara, two are modeled below, the third pair on its way.  I've seen other ones but for $300 I'm preferring Zara's lower price points.  What do you think?  

I really like the comfort they promise.  But are they in any conceivable way, stylish looking?  Or is this another example of me drinking the Mom jean Kool-aid?  Can I pull this off, and are they suitable for someone my age?

Pictures 1-3.  Zara Birk knock-off with buckle.

Pictures 4-7.  Zara Bio sandal.

Picture 8.  The awaited Track Sole sandals.


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K/R - The Mom Jeans

So, round two of my newest attempts to keep denim, well, new to me.  My first thread on this topic is here.

These are the Mom Jeans from UO.  

What do you think of the fit?  Are they too long in the rise on me?
And what do you think of the style?

Picture 1 -- with semi cropped top
2 -- with super cropped top
3 -- tucked top (these are so high rise!)
4 -- Untucked longer top
5 -- Untucked top that is a little shorter
6 -- Boxy untucked top

Thank you for looking and commenting, your honest feedback is truly appreciated!!


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