K/R - The Mom Jeans

So, round two of my newest attempts to keep denim, well, new to me.  My first thread on this topic is here.

These are the Mom Jeans from UO.  

What do you think of the fit?  Are they too long in the rise on me?
And what do you think of the style?

Picture 1 -- with semi cropped top
2 -- with super cropped top
3 -- tucked top (these are so high rise!)
4 -- Untucked longer top
5 -- Untucked top that is a little shorter
6 -- Boxy untucked top

Thank you for looking and commenting, your honest feedback is truly appreciated!!

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  • kellygirl replied 6 years ago

    I like them best in 1, 2 and 5. These may be mom jeans but the way you style them makes them look current. I like them with the edgy footwear--I think that really helps too.

    Eta: I like 4 and 6 too. The tucked one is the only one I'm not crazy about.

    Eta: I saw overalls at tjmaxx today and thought of you. I was tempted to try them in but didn't!

  • Diana replied 6 years ago

    Um, I think I might have poison eye for super high waisted jeans. I like them untucked but they just look like regular bf jeans then, so might defeat the purpose of trying something new.

    I'm almost afraid to ask, but ... How is the rear view? That is a big part of mom jeans after all!

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this, but I am kind of thinking this interpretation of the Mom jean is too literal... it really looks like you could have had those in the back of the closet since the first mom jeans hit the racks. Good job on UO for doing a legit throwback, but I find myself of the mind that this might be one trend that's better on the really young. *ducks*

  • Echo replied 6 years ago

    CocoLion, you couldn't look bad in any jeans, but I am with rae here. These are an awfully literal interpretation of mom jeans. I don;t mind them with the waistband covered, but then what's the point because they look like BF jeans? Maybe I just have a poison eye for them because they look JUST LIKE the jeans I wore in 8th grade...

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    I love that a pair of Mom jeans might be the most controversial thing I've ever posted!  Please keep the frank feedback coming!

  • carter replied 6 years ago

    I'm with Rae as well. Maybe it's too many years of watching Stacy and Clinton, but I fing mom jeans unflattering. not to say that we always need to wear clothes that flatter the figure, but spending money on something that is unflattering is hard to swallow. What is it that drew you to these? Is there another way to accomplish that goal?

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    I agree that with the waistband covered they sort of lose their point and you might as well wear boyfriend jeans (although I love all your tops). The exception is #2 - the cropped top takes advantage of the high waist and I like that one, but still sort of want the jeans to be a bit more slouchy. With #3 I think I might like them better shorter - like long mom jeans shorts. Thank you for trying these for us Denise!

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    OK I just took a shower and thought some more about this.

    Carter -- great question!  Honestly I like these because they are high waisted.  I can wear crop tops with them without showing flesh.  I don't want to show my belly any more, or waist, or back.  I also think that the high waisted proportion is not what our eye is used to but it does help me wear cropped bottoms as someone who is not tall.  I have struggled to make ankle pants work on my frame but I like this new proportion!  

    But, having said all of these in defense of the pants, I think these are just a bit too fitted.  They feel a bit constricting when I sit down.  I think I am going to exchange them for the next size up.

    So maybe if we just call them high waisted boyfriend jeans they will find more acceptance here on YLF?

    Shevia thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me.

    And Rae -- thank you for your honesty.  You may have a future as a TV style commentator like Kelly Osborne, you are hilarious.  I respectfully have to disagree with you though, that this look is but for the very young.   I think if the fit is right, we old people can wear high-waisted, cropped loose denim in a stylish way.  Maybe we just can't call them Mom jeans, though, as it looks like we are stealing the cool idea our kids had to steal our un-cool clothes.

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    This is the first unqualified no I think I've given you, Denise... It is just too close to the real thing. You have so many better denim options right in your closet! And thank you for giving these a test run as I have to admit curiosity. I have not seen these flatter anyone yet.

    ETA: the cropped top works to my eye but would not be worth achieving the look for me. A size up may work and I will try to be unbiased when I see it.

  • deb replied 6 years ago

    I am going to have to say no. Return these.

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    So here is the back view for Diana and others who wondered.  

    Keep the comments coming!

    ETA -- I should give you my opinion.  I think #1 and #5 work, but the other ones, not so well.  I regularly put stinkers in my posts, a habit learned working in creative services… keeps things interesting.  But I think #1 and #5 work.  And the back view, well, you might have me on that one… not so flattering, kind of a pancake effect no?

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    The back view is good. My issue is the same as what happened with me with the R13 X over jeans. To make them wearable I had to cover the waist and that was the whole point of them. If they make you happy them that is important too. Hope you don't mind the honesty - and you know I'm usually on the same page as you with denim.

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    I tend to think something along these lines would come across as way more youthful and flattering. Maybe it comes down to even the smallest modernization, like the washes? Just so it is not 100% That Mom Jean, you know?:


    I usually really don't like the MDAL concept, but I still feel there is a strange LDAM thing going on with this trend. I guess maybe that's why I feel the literal interpretation looks best on the very young. *shrug* just my two cents. 

  • Gaylene replied 6 years ago

    I think it's time to start calling this style a high-waisted jean since the term "Mom" jean has been used in such a negative way for the past decade. Otherwise admitting a fondness for this style is like admitting a fondness for something that is frumpy and unfashionable.

    That said, I'm a bit intrigued by the look of these jeans, especially as you've styled them in picture 2 with the super cropped top. To my mind, these jeans are like Angie's jodhpur jeans or Anna's wrapped ones--not to everyone's taste, but an interesting alternative. Every time I look at the pictures, I find myself growing fonder of them. So my vote is moving towards "yay" if you think you want to try something different.

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    Gaylene you are right this is so loaded, the term Mom jean.   I forget how much power is in clothes and the groups of people associated with them.  I am all about seeking a new look visually and tend to forget the semiotics behind it all (hope I used that term right)!

    Rae those are really cute jeans!  Thanks for the links.  I do love high rise skinnies, I have a couple of pairs.  Right now I am looking for a looser fit though.  

    What does everyone think of these?  

    Note all of these have the high rise and looser fit I'm after but they are all considered boyfriend jeans.

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    Ok not reading comments! I like all renditions except for the more cropped top version. Denise you have a way with jeans and I find myself liking this vibe on you. There is that 80's vibe about them but the toppers and footwear bring them into present day:). They take me back to Dexys Midnight Runners and Bananarama! And for me that's a good thing ;). If you like them then I think you should keep. I find myself wondering if the term mom jeans actually referenced more the overall style of the person wearing the jeans than the actual jeans?? I would look at these on you and go "oh she's wearing mom jeans!

  • Neel replied 6 years ago

    I am with Deborah here.  And I seem to like them least with the tucked top. They look like high waisted boyfriends to me and I love it with all the tops you have tried them with.  Well, call them what you want, I think I like them on you!  Only you could possibly make this style of jeans look flattering!  You should link your post to Angie's 'Try something new' post.  You are having so much fun out here!

  • El Cee replied 6 years ago

    I rather like how you have styled them in 1, 2, & 5… but am not entirely sold on the overall look. I agree with Rae that these are (perhaps) too literal. I admit that I have an unfair bias regarding "Mom Jeans" as many ladies in my area never stopped wearing them. They are sort of a uniform here, most often worn with theme sweaters and athletic shoes. But, if anyone could make this style appealing that would be you, Denise.

  • viva replied 6 years ago

    I definitely prefer the newer links you posted to the original pics. You won't get the high waist of the pic pants, but since all the tops you posted (even the cropped) hide the very top of the waistband, and you were thinking of sizing up, I expect you are okay with that.
    I have to come clean, though. I am not a fan of the high-waisted jean, unless it is a trouser jean or wide leg. The high-waisted jean(trying so hard not to write mom jean here) is just not a flattering look (to me, even on the young) and is dated and not appealing even in a retro way. So I will ALWAYS choose a BF style over it.
    I like all of the links, as they do seem to have a higher waist than my BFs so are probably closer to what you want and somewhat different than the typical BFs out there (except maybe the CoH -- they don't seem quite as high?). I'm mixed on the Marilyns (probably because they are closest to the high waisted style I'm not keen on), LOVE the slouch of the Marc Jacobs, love the crop of the Currents, love the distressing of the R&B.
    Are you looking for a cleaner look? If so, maybe try Marilyn, Marc, or Current Elliott.

  • LoriFLA replied 6 years ago

    I see what you're going for here with these jeans and they good to my eye.  I wouldn't think you had these in your closet since 1985.  

    I especially like 4 and 5.  I know we're talking about the jeans but I like the slightly curved hem of the top on 4 with the jeans.  I think if it were even more curved it would look fab.  I like number 1 as well, even though the hem is straight. 

    I like all of the ones you linked except for the Stevie jeans.  I dislike the rips and tears, unless you're going to see Alice Cooper or something.  It's too much and not flattering, but that's just me.  You probably could pull them off. Of your links, I like the last pair the best, even with the distressing.  

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    HAH. Denise. You rock my style world. 

    We wore these in the '80s. And some had waist pleats.

    The '80s gal in me appreciates the throwback in style. Do I think these jeans are flattering? Maybe. Especially good with an untucked top because that's how we are used to seeing BF jeans. Do I think they are fun to wear? Yes. This is fashion forward fun. 

    I am the only yay vote so far. 

  • donnat replied 6 years ago

    I think you can pull this off. I love the high waist with crop tops. Mom jeans has more to do with unflattering fit than style of pant, those old mom jeans fit quite tight, emphasized round stick out tummies, often a camel toe was involved. I would prefer maybe a darker wash.

  • shiny replied 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness, does UO actually call them Mom Jeans? If so I applaud their marketing skills... 

    I actually love these on you. I don't think just anyone could pull them off, but you certainly can. These work if worn with irony. I.e., intentional and trendy. It's all in the attitude and the total picture. If you had paired these with athletic sneakers and a frumpy top (like say a unisex logo tee), then no; that look says "I've given up" which is how mom jeans got their bad name. But you didn't do that here. 

    Please don't size up. Then you may be entering the wrong territory. Then they may become true mom jeans, rather than ironic trendy mom jeans. 

  • Gaylene replied 6 years ago

    Chiming back in because the high-waisted style is fast growing on me. To me, those Marilyn jeans look the most different because the other jeans look more like versions of boyfriend jeans. (Side note: I can't help but wonder if boyfriend jeans had been called Dad jeans if they would have had the same universal appeal?)

    It's funny to think back of how long it took some of us to adjust our eye to Angie's slouchy jeans when she first started sporting them on YLF. And I still remember how I hated the look of skinnies when they started trending a decade ago and swore I would never wear anything that tight. And, going even further back, I remember when it felt strange to trade in my straight-legged, high-rise Levis for low-slung bell bottoms back in the late 60s.

    I also think that Donna makes a good point that wearing any style well means paying attention to the fit. Fitted high-rise jeans might be a bit more tricky than a looser trouser version, or a baggier boyfriend style, and that is probably why so many people have bad vibes about them.

  • Jeanie replied 6 years ago

    Hmmm.  Well I like the newer links you posted.  I don't think the UO ones make enough of a statement.  I also think with this style it's important to keep everything else on the edgy side or they tend to go to dowdy-ville fast!  Black seems to work well with this style of jean.  Thanks for keeping us fashion forward!

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    I think I like the CEs the best out of the links. Maybe it is my own poison eye for a particular light blue color with this style.

  • greenglove replied 6 years ago

    I am a huge yay! I have 3 pairs of high waisted skinnies and would love the pair that you have.
    They look great in all ways, I also appreciate the versatility of wearing crop tops without worrying about showing skin.
    I might have to invest in a pair. I have not read all the comments but please keep them!

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    What about some Marilyn Jeans?  You know, like she wore in 1962's The Misfits?  Darker wash, high waist, cuffed.  They are also iconic high waists, but they have more structure and presence.

  • Diana replied 6 years ago

    Ha, thanks for humoring me.  The rear view is actually not bad at all!  (Maybe the pockets are a little wide spaced but that's a tiny little thing.)  

    I do like the higher waisted BF styles that you posted a lot better though.  I think just because they have the waist a little bit lower (but still higher than regular BF jeans) and are a little lower in the crotch.  So you get a high rise effect without it going all the way up to your natural waist, which is where my poison eye kicks in.

  • Mia replied 6 years ago

    Another yay.  

    Maybe because I bought virtually the same style and wash last season although they were DKNY.  I find mine  insanely comfortable (that nice high but not tight waist) , my teenager loves them on me and I find them easy to wear.  Such a nice break from the skinnies and they feel fresh again.  Yes, I did wear something similar but not the same in the eighties.

  • sarah replied 6 years ago

    I'm a nay, mostly because when I see these new "high-waisted" styles on gals out and about, and in pics, they are usually quite fitted, so that they almost have a retro 50's feel about them. To my mind, but obviously not others, the high waist and the loose fit don't go together, mostly because the slouchiness on a low rise jean "fits" with the slouchiness in the rear, legs, etc.

    Does that make any sense?

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    My first thought? They look great, especially in 1 and 5 but also in 4 and 6. 

    My second thought -- not completely convinced about the rise...something is looking a bit odd there. And I remember that was a tricky issue with that high waisted style back in the day...sometimes they'd be too long in front and too short in the back so you felt like you were getting a permanent wedgie. But the back view looks good. 

    I totally get the desire for a high waisted BF style that you can roll. This makes sense to me (and would be a good addition to my closet, too.)

    I do not seem to have the same negative associations with this style as others. I do know it can be unflattering on some, but these particular ones are not unflattering on you. Although I think i might experiment with others for comparison. 

    And now I see that Angie has given a nod to them. well, maybe I'm not nuts after all. 

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    Thanks so much everyone, these Mom jeans are leading to an interesting discussion and more thoughts from me.

    Deborah -- your comment about Dexy and Bananarama made me laugh!  Yes I loved those days too.  I actually was not into these Mom type jeans back then, I wore mostly black and vintage clothing back then, preferring a New Wave look with maybe a slight punk touch.

    Neel -- I agree the tucked look doesn't work.  It really, really emphasizes my short waist.  Although, going with my body type (curvy, short waisted, pear-ish) is actually one of the things I like about these.  Inspired by In My Joi's horizontally striped skirt post, I've been of the mind to try outfits that go with my shape rather than mitigate it.  There is something liberating about celebrating your unique body even if it goes against what is conventionally flattering (usually that means, trying to rectangle myself as much as possible).  This going with what you've got creates a striking look and it's kind of bold and refreshing.  I think Diana also pulls off this approach and it inspires me.

    El Cee -- I appreciate your point of view, that these might be too literal.  There is a part of me that thinks, if they are literal, they might come off as unintentional and therefore frumpy.  I guess it just depends on how frumpy I'm willing to go.  If someone doesn't think my outfit looks intentional, is it a crime.

    I have to take a moment to remove a splinter from my Mom's foot (LOL?) so I will be back to reply to the rest of you… 

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    Got the splinter with the help of a magnifying glass and reading glasses!

    Viva -- thanks for your honesty.  I agree the high waisted style has its negative points.  I remember when lower waisted styles started coming out in the mid 90s (early 90s were super high), I was so happy.  More comfortable, and more flattering on short waisted me.  It could be there is a *slightly* lower waisted style that would look better.  Thank you for your detailed opinions on all of the links.

    I have to admit that one of the things I like about the UOs is the $59 price, and good quality too.  Not made in the USA, but since I blew much of my Spring budget on the R&B pajamas, I need to juggle a bit to work these other jeans back into my budget.

    Fastkat -- Great name!  Thanks for your vote of confidence in the edgier options I posted (#4 for example).  You're right I did not have any in my closet like this in 1985, see my comment to Deborah above.  So maybe that's why they feel new to me.  The closest thing I had to pants like these was in the early 90s to mid 90s.  We wore baggy high-waisted jeans, more straight legged than tapered, cinched at the waist paper bag style.  Pictured below.

    Angie -- You are right the are only "maybe" flattering and we are not used to seeing such a high waist tucked.  But you totally "get" what I'm doing here which is to have fun with fashion, try new looks, and get out of my own comfort zone.  You are 100% the reason I am having so much fun at this stage in my life, and I can't thank you enough.  One of the most important lessons I have learned from you is that to make a look work, it only has to achieve a small amount of flattery and that in fact some of the most modern looks have less or no figure flattery at all.  Do we have Leandra Medine to thank for that?  Or the avant garde Japanese designers?  This would be an interesting discussion.

    donnat -- I had to laugh out loud at your accurate description of the problematic side of the Mom jean!  With the potential of camel toe!

    Shiny -- Yes!  You have to love UO's marketing here.  I think Rae would agree, Mom jeans are not a negative with really young kids (teens).  I remember ClearlyClaire saying a few years ago that her DD would go thrifting with her and would pick out the worst Mom jeans and then wear them intentionally/ironically.

    I am actually not trying to wear them ironically, although I hope they look intentional.  I really just see them as a newer jean style that is high waisted and goes with cropped tops.

    Gaylene --your comment about the name Mom Jean rings true.  And while it is true Boyfriend jean sounds cooler than Dad jean, a Dad jean might still be the butt of fewer jokes than the Mom jean.  If you think about it, there is something mean and sexist about it even.  This is what I love about Phoebe Philo of Celine.  She is taking the ultimate comfort shoe (a mainstay of the Mom look), a Birkenstock, re-inenting it, and pairing it with tailored suits and dresses.  Zara is all over this look and I too am so excited to have comfortable footwear back in style.

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    Jeanie -- I agree, it's a fine line here, between intentional and dowdy.  I appreciate the comment about keeping the rest of the look edgy.  What do you think of this rendition, in black as you suggested?  I thought it was so high contrast, and took your eye straight to the hip area, but maybe I different black top would work.

    Rae -- Yes the C/Es are fab!  If I lost some weight a pair of my Trues might look like that.  :-(  I hope you do not feel I am going to battle too much with you on this topic.  I do respect your opinion -- it's all processing with me, sometimes slowwwwwly though.  :-)  Being that I have a rebellious streak which I know you do too!

    Greenglove -- I could see you in this look, you have stayed true to your love of cropped tops.  I look forward to seeing you in this kind of jean!  Thanks for the support.

    Beth Ann -- I saw someone in SF dressed in Marilyn jeans, she was short and curvy and they looked AMAZING on her!!!  Thanks for the idea, I must try this!

    Diana -- I get the high rise poison eye.  As I said before, I had a decades long high rise poison eye.  I thought it was a perpetually unflattering on me, and was so glad for the low rise.  I think what's changed, is that I have more love handles and muffin top than before.  Especially over the past 5 years, I am 55 after all.  I like the way a high rise holds you in and does not allow any plumbers peeks etc.  So there is some function in these, it's not 100% about seeking a new look (although that's the most of it).

    Mia -- High-five high waist jean wearer!  I'd love to see you in those, must check out DKNY.   I love her Pure line, have you seen that -- no denim in that line but true to her original 90s vision.

    Sarah -- Yes, I do get how a high rise and full cut are problematic.  I fully admit the frump potential in these, and this could be at the heart of their controversy.  As in, why am I going there, when, at my age, I need to fight frump for all it's worth?  Why even go there when, to Rae and Una and others points, there are so many more flattering looks out there.

    Suz -- I think we have a similar eye -- 1 and 5 are my favorites too.  Yes one of my main concerns is the rise.  It kind of folds in a weird way.  That's why I'm going to try a size up.  I did try the next size up in store, but they were so much bigger in the waist, it was like there was a 2 size difference.  Sometimes the best thing is to try multiple versions in multiple sizes, what with manufacturing differences -- but they had very few left in stores.  (Yes I think they are selling!  Even with that name "Mom Jean.")  To your point I might experiment with different versions -- once I have the money set aside as the others are all multi-fold more expensive than these.

    Gryffin how do you do it?!?!?

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Hugs back to you, Darling Denise.  Wearing looks that are "just flattering enough" allows us to sport items and combinations that are outside of the box, leave off those high heels (if you're me, that is), be creative, try something new, and most importantly - have fun with fashion. There is more to a killer sense of style than heels and creating that forever sought after long lean line. My outfit post hits a few of those notes too. This is 2014 style - and we have figure flattery options.

  • Mia replied 6 years ago

    Yes, I have two workhorses from the Pure line!  I actually wore out one cardigan and had to replace it.  Of course I am old enough to remember her original concept with the "easy pieces".  I find her clothes generally very comfortable to wear.  Always pockets in her dresses which I love.  Anyway, I digress.

    I realized my jeans are actually labelled boyfriend but the wash and high waisted curvy fit at the top is "mom jean" all the way.  It's just semantics anyway and the willingness to try something new is what I like to see!   Keep the product modelling coming.  So helpful.

  • krishnidoux replied 6 years ago

    Another (late) yay here. Especially 3,4,5 and 6. I am floored that they sell "Mom" jeans now, and that it is trending! But you look great in them, especially how you style them.

  • Day Vies replied 6 years ago

    I'm a little late to the party only the slight taper gives these away as "mom jeans". They appear to be BFs because of the rolled hems and the modern styling (good job!). If you love it I see no reason not to keep them unless you want to pull out the football shoulder pads and teased 80's hair ;-).

  • ironkurtin replied 6 years ago

    I really like higher-rise jeans when they're part of a long lean line. When they fit right they don't punch you in the stomach when you sit down, either.

    I dunno about these. I just don't think they're very special. If they feel amazing on, ignore me. But I think you have other jeans that are more obviously wow.

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    Coming back to this (and not trying to argue, just analyzing), I wonder if my issue is that they work best to my eye when you downplay the mom jeans aspect and make them work more like slouchy skinnies or BFs - in which case why not just wear those instead? 

    Except for the cropped top part, which is obviously a main objective of these for you, am I right?

    Carry on!  I will continue to follow your journey with these.  And I totally copycatted you and got the R & B sweatjeans.

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    Hmmm- I agree with Una here I think.
    I would only wear with the waistband covered if they were more comfy than my lower-rise BFs, and this would defeat the purpose of the higher waist :(
    Is there any point in wearing a possibly less-flattering cut of jeans just for the sake of edginess?

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    Krishnidoux -- thank you!  It is constantly amazing to me that fashion re-defines beauty.  This is what I like about Mom jeans.  By making something ridiculed and ugly into something feminine in a nerdy-cool way.  Which subtly re-aligns our opinions on body shape.  If a Mom jean even in a small way, makes a small, short waist and amble rear, a good look, I'm for it.  Similarly, I love the way the long, lean leg line is being subverted by cropped pants with a dropped crotch.  It makes you look at a long torso and short legs as beautiful.

    Day Vies -- I am so hoping for shoulder pads again, I need help in that area like other girls need a push-up bra (not saying' that's what you need LOL).

    IronK and Una/Alaskagirl -- I'm not sure these are the best "Mom" jeans either.  They feel a little too high in the waist to me.  I was playing with them again today and having second thoughts about this pair.  Like I said I want to try a bigger size as well as some of the other high waisted bf jeans.  However at $59 these are still an acceptable place holder/experimentation tool to me.

    Lyn -- wearing these with the waistband covered does not defeat the purpose at all IMO.  When I raise my arms, you will not see skin with a cropped top.  That is an important benefit.  Also, I like the feeling of being "held in" by a high waist.  And finally, I am looking forward to wearing higher waisted briefs with these.  There is simply something comforting about the girdling effect of both items.  When I drive, I do not have to look down at the roll sitting above my low rise jeans.

    Give up figure flattery to be edgy?  I think so, yes.  It makes sense to me.  This is part of my quest to have fun with fashion.  And the Mom jean is also about body acceptance to me.

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    Yes, I agree that if this rise is more comfortable for you then that in itself is a valid reason to wear. 
    Who knows, you might be one of the first to catch-on to higher waisted pants cycling back to be the 'latest trend' :)  

  • VernieJane replied 6 years ago

    The thing I love about fashion is that is can be sometimes so surprising, shocking, and downright crazy! I am totally flabbergasted that we now have a term for these kinds of jeans, and not only that, they are back in style. This always happens--I must've kept a pair of high rise jean shorts for ten years. I think I finally got rid of them 2 summers ago because "above the belly button". Now...they're back. Of course. Not that I'm complaining--so over low rise jeans.

  • April replied 6 years ago

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the total "mom jean" look -- as differentiated from a mere high-waist jean -- is one that should be left to people who weren't born yet when it was the norm. 

    Otherwise, I just think there's too much room for confusion over whether one looks modern or out-of-it.

    I'm cheering the reappearance of high-waisted looks but I'll stick with them in other cuts.  There's so much variety now that no one is stuck with one type of jean, the way we were when mom jeans were the only game in town.

  • Marley replied 6 years ago

    I missed this thread several days ago - but Shannon referenced it so I just had to check it out.
    I would wear these jeans in a second.  I don't know if that makes you feel like you want to wear them or if it makes you feel like you don't want to wear them.  LOL  But I think they are just so fun.  I like them best with the super cropped top - or with the top tucked in.  So fun to try a new denim silhouette!  Did you decide to keep them?

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Had to come check out this post after seeing your comment on the blog today. I like that you are trying out this style. I swear, you can look good in anything! (And you do inspire me with your posts, as I mentioned in my blog comment.) I actually like #2 and #3, in concept. I also have a short waist and wonder if the Mom jeans trend won't be a way to play up my body shape. I like your idea of going a little bigger with them, especially seeing those photos you posted above. I could totally see you pull off a look like #3 in the b&ws.

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