Angie Pick Tahari Jacket plus Amazon Bargain Cardi

This jacket was an Angie pick.  After trying two sizes, I settled on the smaller size.  I got some matching cropped leggings to go with the jacket.  Of course I have light purple sneakers.  Goodness seeing how revealing the backside is, I doubt I will wear these leggings in public again.

I thought wearing this outfit would make me feel good.  I was diagnosed last week with shingles.  

I am resting as much as I can.  I had some bad days this week but decided to put on outfits (rather than sweatpants) to cheer up the shingles blues.  Based on the fact that I can even get up, I would say I have a mild to middling case.  Not severe.  The pain comes at night.

The second outfit was today, another "good" day.  I got this sweater for next to nothing off Amazon.  The sneakers are an Angie pick from Blackstone, a brand that actually fits my high volume foot quite well.  I spent more time than I care to admit, creating Golden Goose style laces.  It was that or spend $600 for a real pair.  I have to say getting the laces tied in that unique way satisfied my urge to purchase the Super Stars; I saved so much money!


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