WIW -- Wearing something from the dinosaur age

This sweater is pre-YLF. It is not trendy like a lot of my stuff, but it has held up really well, and is washable. Mostly I was very excited to show you how perfectly matchy my scarf and bag are!

My 80s love of neon has happily found a place in my wardrobe through accessories -- a bag, a scarf and a belt!

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Details if interested:
Sweater -- INC from Macy's
Jeans - Indi Custom Denim (they went out of business)
Booties -- DV by Dolce Vita -- my second most worn shoes of the past 2 years
Tote bag -- Holding heavy 15" laptop plus daytime clutch. From H&M.
Scarf -- Gap
Top - Splendid


WIW -- Black, my travel color

A few shots from last week in San Francisco. I spent plenty of time in dressing rooms as you can see!

1 -- My Bubba trucker vest (Levis) over leather moto. Do you like it more like this? It was seen as too oversized last time.

2 -- My R13's are getting worn A LOT!

Thanks for looking at so much black.


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WIW -- A bit of white on white in SF

Hi all, quick trip to San Francisco. I am fairly free tomorrow, staying near Union Square if anyone wants a drink or evening shopping etc. PM me (sorry for the short notice).

I am wearing a mix of whites and creams on tops, the bottom is grey, haven't found those perfect white bottoms yet.

I usually don't post a single WIW but I was so excited to be wearing something themed to Angie's blog post!


WIW -- Things Rae helped me pick!

Rae mentioned she was getting a lot of wear out of the things she got when we shopped together and I couldn't agree more! I got both of the sweaters in pictures 1 and 2 when we toured Santa Monica together, and they've been in frequent rotation.

1 -- Free People cardi purchased at Bloomingdale's. I recommend!
2 -- Fuzzy teal cardi from UO. I'm not sure about this color combination, but I was comfortable. These are my DIY distressed skinny jeans.
3 -- My Bubba trucker vest from Levi's, I found this at Nordstrom in Sacramento (not available on line); it's perfect for my lifestyle.
4 -- No new pieces to introduce to you here. I am cleaning out my closet. Some things are an automatic purge, some things are "?"s. So I try them again to see how they feel. I realized I would keep these plum skinny jeans because I love the way they scrunch around the ankle, yet are super fitted around my calves.

Thanks for looking and commenting! What do you do with your "?"s?


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WIW -- Pacific Urban Style Persona

Angie came up with this style persona for me. I really like its simplicity and the more I think about it, it really fits.

1 -- Here's the reason I got this red clutch that you've been seeing so much of. It elevates an all or mostly black outfit like this instantly!

2/3 -- My Cameron bf jeans, heavily distressed. I love the top which is oversized/dolman style but the print makes the top look less big. Unfortunately I discovered a hole in it today. The booties are from 80%/20. They are pretty weird but they put a smile on my face.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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