WIW -- Alaskagirl Copycat

Una has these same jeans and raved about them.  So I've copied her!  I love them too.  At first I got them on Shopbop where they were over $200.  Then she found a pair on eBay for $90.  So I returned the pricey ones and opted for the cheaper pair.  They are fine, although MUCH bigger in the waist than the $200 pair (same size).  The $90 pair had a mark in the label, they were advertised as pre-owned but it seems they hadn't been worn and there was still a plastic hang  tag thread on it.  Do you think marked clothes are actually defective?  Or were they from a store, tried on a lot and stretched out?  The deep mysteries of retail.

#2 outfit is what I wore yesterday, we're having cooler weather. The high neck print top with the low stance jacket was an experiment, I'm not sure I like it.  

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW -- This Week

It's been a while since I posted a series of WIWs.

1.  Love this look.  Note absence of jeans!  And strappy, refined footwear.
2.  A cooler day.  Wearing my beloved neutrals.
3.  My Boho side coming through.
4.  High contrast, which I usually don't do.  But check out the matching bag AND matching dogs in black and cream!

Thanks for looking, and any suggestions for improvement are welcome (I can think of one already).

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WIW -- Rolling Stones, San Jose 5/8

I have seen the Stones three times, this was the show I enjoyed the most!  Bonnie Raitt and John Fogerty were guests.  As well as Mick Taylor, from Exile on Main Street days.  I hope one day the Stones do another show with more of these artists, they seemed to really enjoy playing together.

Somewhere there were remarks that Mick Jagger is silly, trying to be his former self.  I thought quite differently.  He has a lot of energy; that is who he is.  I'm one who feels there is a place for rock musicians in old age just as it's OK to be old as a classical, jazz or blues musician.

It seems like Keith might have some arthritis in his hands, which is sad.  Ronnie Woods was in fine form, I have never heard or seen him perform so well.  And Charlie Watts is unstoppable, although disappointing from a style standpoint (blue crew neck tee for the whole show).  He used to be so dapper in his Savile Row suits.

Ronnie Woods stayed in the same skinny muscle tee, trainers and skinny black jeans the whole time.  Keith wore his Boho headband, jewelry, and silky shirts and bomber jacket.  As well as some dramatic scarves at the end.  Mick made several outfit changes, all black.  For example he wore a dramatic cape for Sympathy for the Devil, Boho feathers and a Balenciaga black jacket for Midnight Rambler.  The variety of textures in jackets/toppers really worked on stage, while still keeping everything paint-it-black (which they performed).  Here's a link with a review and set list.

#1 -- Here's my outfit.  At the last minute, I added a black fringe-y necklace which I think improved the outfit as it picked up the dark colors of the topper.  Channeling my love of Keith Richards boho style here.  Do you see all of the piled on bracelets?

Picture #2 is the concert tee which I am wearing today, post work.  It climbed up to the 90s today. 

Pictures 3 plus are photos from the show, courtesy SF Examiner.  I thought all wardrobe choices were tasteful; both rock & roll and age appropriate.

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WIW - Cropped and Rolled

I am with Angie, I still don't think cropped pants are very flattering but they do feel modern.  Plus, you can show your footwear which right now is all about highlighting the ankle.  Does it work, did I get the length right?

1/2 -- Frumpy chic look featuring maternity type top -- Feel the Piece; Rolled chinos - Zara; and Sandals -- Splendid.

3/4 -- From my Mother's weekend birthday celebration in San Francisco, kind of what you'd expect from me.  I did dress up one night but don't have the pictures from that event yet.

5 -- This is my third snake sighting in one week.  First two, an adult gopher snake.  Third:  a baby rattlesnake, right next to the car park.  He was completely freaked out and went into strike pose, but I backed off.  Do my multiple snake sightings mean something?  

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