WIW - October Casual

The other day I looked at my YLF blog homepage and felt disappointed by my WIWs compared to past years.  I could be simply not posting enough outfits.  Or I'm getting lazy about photos and locations.  Or I'm in a comfortable place with my style.  Maybe you can help me figure this out.  In any case I'm going to start by posting more WIWs.

1 -- The last day of Summer.  I think the date on this was October 14, our Summer drags into fall, which some would say is a quality problem.  Super simple with three neutral colors here, blue - black - brown.  And pop of coral near the face.

2 -- The gray colors would look better if I used flash.  But I love the tonal scheme and silhouettes.  I have a mixed emotional relationship with gray.

3 -- This is my new Zara tunic (waving at Debbie my tunic twin).  Here worn with Vince linen sweater which is perfect for October.

4 -- Same sweater, from behind, the front of this outfit is not worth showing.

5 -- A uniform look when I broke the dress code and wore -- gasp -- a  chambray shirt.  No one turned me in.

So I have a uniform, and then another uniform off - duty which relies on jeans + cardigan.  

Thanks for looking!  Thanks for commenting, if you choose to do so!

ETA -- Added picture 4, the rear view of the cardigan.  I missed it the first time.


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WIW inspired by Team YLF

At the fabulous SSIF I saw Inge AND Greg wear this outfit concept!  It consists of white bottoms plus a black top half.  I took a picture of Greg at Dashielle's fun cocktail party, hoping I could get my boyfriend to wear white jeans.  I haven't succeeded at that yet, but I thought I'd try it myself.  I don't have a picture of Inge's outfit but you can see it in Greg's cocktail party pictures thread here.  She wore white jeans, a white shirt and black cropped(ish) tuxedo jacket and looked even more than K-Power, we need to come up with a term for that -- maybe Infinite Killer?  Ultimate K-Power?

White Kut Catherine boyfriend jeans from 2013 (Nordsrom).
Black Daisy tee from UO, from 2014.
Freebird oxfords from 2013 (Shopbop).

I was worried that the muddy color of the daisy would clash with the white jeans but I think it works with the muddy oxfords.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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