WIW -- Can't get myself to unroll the boyfriends

Themes --
-Plenty of remixing, you'll see the same pieces in several of the pictures.
-Inspired to try my hand with scarves. I'm still afraid of the bulky ones. As you can see from #6 I could use some scarf tutorials. I love the new one in #1, the tags should come off don't you think? It's a giant digital print scarf of London telephone booths.
- Angie's WIW with unrolled bf jeans inspired me to try it, but I just couldn't do it. Old habits die hard.
- #5 is my elevated sweatsuit outfit that Tim Gunn talks about needing. I'm looking for a pair of slipper flats to go with this formula (tee, sweater, jeans for loungewear).
- In #6 I actually tried folding the jeans to an ankle length, with a sliver of skin showing. I wore this outfit to work, except with different shoes (my trusty Sanita clogs).

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WIW -- Early October 2012

My latest installation of the CocoLion Lookbook series...

1) Weather was still very warm. This is the first close-up I have ever posted, being uncomfortable about the obvious signs of photo-aging as well neck creasing. This is a step in acceptance for me.

2) Because I wear my bf jeans longer, I am having no problems transitioning to fall. The jacket is worn inside-out to hide the dated Da Nang patch :-\ as well as to give a nod to the printed jacket trend.

3) The glory of bf jeans. These are my most fitted pair, sized down two sizes to a 25 to get this fit. Note to self -- wear them a little lower on hips. There is a bit of a high water vibe here, oh well I am kind of nerdy. :-D

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