WIW -- Big on Neutrals

Here are some WIWs from the past month. Looking at them together, you can see how I shy away from colors, preferring neutrals with a touch of red here and there. Part of this is preference, the other part is that I (still) feel challenged with combining colors.

I was happy with these first two outfits which I wore when I was in LA earlier this month. #3 is nothing special but look at that fog! The flash actually captured the moving particles. #4 is another outfit I wore at home; I live in a rural setting and my home outfits feel "just OK" for some reason, not as great as when I'm in a city or even a town.

#5 was to go to see a movie but we ended up renting DVDs instead. Who does that any more? Blockbuster was almost empty.

Any comments or ideas how I can feel a greater level of happiness with my style when I'm at home?


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WIW -- Debuting new lunch/dinner sack clutch

I picked up this Marie Turnor clutch while shopping with MaryK in Pasadena.


This whole outfit is slouchy -- the slouchy top, pants, and a slouchy sack! But I think the crisp black-red-navy-white colors are conservative and keep the outfit from looking sloppy. Whoah, that's 4 colors for me, unusual -- but I think the top reads more white. Making it 3 colors which I feel safer about. :-)

I couldn't decided if I wanted to wear flat-ish Chelsea boots or my taller Newburys, what do you think?

1/2 -- worn with Chelsea boots
3 -- Newbury boots


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WIW -- swap item from Marley

1/2 -- I missed this top during the LA swap then Marley pointed it out to me and I'm so glad she did, I've been wearing it a lot. Except I keep forgetting to wear it with a black or strapless bra, oops (the shoulders are see-through).

James Jeans -- Blank Denim faux leather jacket -- Sessun coat you've seen on me many times -- Rag & Bone booties (worn tucked, very radical for me!)

3 -- Bonus pic of the R-13s which I am wanting to wear a lot.

Same Blank Denim jacket -- Velvet top -- DV booties -- scarf from TJ Maxx.

I didn't put a whole lot of thought into these outfits, actually I pulled them together quickly. It's nice to have a cohesive enough wardrobe to be able to do that (hello black).

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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