Pear Dressing, trying Angie's Boxy Sweater Ensemble

Here, a WIMW and a WIW inspired by Angie's popular boxy shirt under a boxy sweater ensemble.

First, a What I Might Wear.  Pictures 1-3.  
Here I am using Angie's advanced pear guidelines keeping the fit fluid.  The cropped top draws the eye up as does the modern sleeve type.  I just love the focus on sleeves right now -- keeps things away from the bottom half.  The white shirt is curved and shorter, therefore drawing the eye away from the hip.  My refinement, after looking at the pictures, was to unroll the sleeves so there's not such a straight line where the cropped top ends. 

Next, the WIW.  Today.
1 -- What I actually wore.  
2 -- Almost wore

Although I preferred the cream color near my face in #5, I opted for #4 because figure flattery usually trumps color flattery with me.  I was afraid the white shirt bottom created a skirt drawing the eye right to my widest point.  It occurred to me later to try this with the white shirt in the hypothetical outfit above -- maybe that's the best solution, but I ran out of time.

Thanks for looking.  What do you think?


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