WIWs -- Shorts for August & Angie's Vince Camuto pants

1. Worn to the movies, very hot day, didn't need the jacket in the theater. So sad.

2. Trying to go smart casual here. Do the booties work with knee shorts? They're usually shown with shorter shorts.

3. So comfortable, this has been my casual go-to uniform. I just noticed I am in the exact same pose as #1.

4. Vince Camuto slouchy tile pants. I love them! I ripped the tags off, happy with the fit.

5. Same outfit as #4 but my feet tired in the monsters so I grabbed these DV blue suede shoes. I don't think they work as well, my nude DV wedges will work best with these pants I realized after reading Angie's blog post about bookending on Friday. But it's a fun shot I think! I so love to experiment with picture-taking!


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WIW -- Mile High Club

I finally did it. Purchased a pair of FIVE INCH heels, which, as a confirmed member of the mid-heel league, I swore I would never do.

These are from Shoemint, one of those book-of-the-month shoe clubs. I didn't join, I got these during one of their buy something without having to join promotions. (Normally, they charge your cc $79.99 each month unless you opt out, that's why these marketing schemes are sometimes called "negative option" programs.)

The verdict -- good quality, better than I expected. However, they are definitely a sitting shoe, even with a 1.5 inch platform. My calves started to cramp after 4 hours of wearing.

Outfit details: tee from UO, tuxedo pants Rag & Bone via Barney's, watch Invicta, pendant YochiNY. Worn untucked because I forgot my belt, but I might like tucking better. And the asymmetrical sleeves are so intentional! (Not.)

Thanks for looking! Have you joined one of those shoe or top of the month clubs? Would you?


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