WIW - Belt Bag -- Which way to wear?


I got this Erin Dana two part belt bag way back in 2014 when belt bags re-appeared on the scene.  They have changed in style.  But, I kept this item and here am trying to incorporate it into a classic outfit.

-Oversized shirt is from Zara, 2015.  Purchased at a YLF meet up!
-Mules circa 2017, "Swanki" style from Steven by Steve Madden.  Still available on Amazon.
-Legging pants from Uniqlo, 2019.  I have multiple pairs of these in two sizes to accommodate weight fluctuations,  I size up at least one size if not two to achieve a more pant-like fit.  I absolutely love these.

This belt bag is NOT practical.  I can fit my phone in the big pocket, and my car keys (ONLY) and some lip gloss in the small pocket.  Basically, everything I can get in my back pockets of the leggings.  This accessory is totally for looks.

Which belt bag wearing style do you think is better?  

1.  Waist bag style, worn high.
2.  Waist bag style, worn lower on hips.
3.  Cross body style.


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WIW moth-eaten favorites

I am having a moth problem this year.  Of course they are only going for cashmere and the most prized things in my wardrobe, such as my Rick Owens capsule.   I purchased some moth balls but they disgust me, so not an option.

I found Inge's link to the Guardian article about the moth surge.  It was in link love in December.  I think it's happening in California too, not just the UK.  Another consequence of warming, as the moths have more warmth to breed in (indoor heat contributes too).  So the jacket and dramatic cardigan in these pics, as well as two dresses, are getting holes from moths.  I've thought about discarding, but you have to look in all of the drapes to find the damage.  I'll wait until the holes get bigger I guess.

I took my RO moth food to the dry cleaners, but does that remove the larvae that feed on wool?  The Guardian article suggests that freezing is the only way to go.

Thanks for looking.


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