What I'm Wearing This Summer

I've posted some of these pictures in various threads already.  But here, all in one place.

1.  Vince dress worn to MIL 80th birthday on the Coast.  I wanted to wear outfit #2, but forgot to bring the skirt!  I put this Vince dress in my garment bag at the last minute as a back up, in case the Rick Owens ensemble was too much.  The dress looks better without a camisole but I'm very glad I wore one, I would have been flashing all night!

3.  An opportunity to wear long jeans in Summer, thanks to another quick trip to SF.  Lands End Tee, Marc Jacobs wristlet, Rag & Bone jeans, Steve Madden slip ons.

4.  Worn to a baby shower.  Dress is DKNY Pure.

5.  Worn to a family dinner.  

6.  Just a casual outfit, but I wanted to recommend this top from Kohl's.  It is just like a Rails top but at a fraction of the price.  Nice soft rayon, hangs well.  This is the size S, I"m not sure if it will shrink though.

7. OK outfit but something seems off.  I decided to get rid of the cap sleeve tee even though I love the color.  The shorts don't do much for me either, kind of frumpy from Kohl's too.

8.  The Mom jeans.  Robbie dog in the background.

9.  Outfit fail.  James Crop jeans from Paige are unflattering as is this knit top (love the color though -- can you see a theme here?).  Everything just makes me look big and tired.  The flash photography is not helping either.

Thanks for looking and if you have any thoughts on the failed outfits let me know!


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WIMW - New Combination of Old Items -- Which Jacket for Date Night?

This is a very typical CocoLion outfit.  I cleaned the garage in it earlier (true).  The genius of denim is that you can just brush off the dirt and it looks even better, more authentic.

There is one new item here, can you guess what it is?  [Cue Jeopardy music in the background to help you think...]

Zara sequin and leather jackets are both from 2012, Chaser graphic tee from 2013, Freebird oxfords from 2013, handmade belt from 2008, jeans are a 2014 duplicate purchase of a 2013 item -- Rag & Bone skinny in Kensington wash.  (I have this jean in 2 sizes to accommodate weight changes.)

It's the watch!  It was a birthday present from Mr. CocoLion.

So, which jacket should I wear?  The sequin (1) or the biker jacket (2)?  Picture 3 shows a view of the hand-made belt from LA designer Kim White.  (As well as my beloved Roomba in action.  I hate to clean.)

If you can't see the pictures, click over to my lookfab blog where the pictures are visible!


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WIW - Committing to Sporty Luxe

1 -- I wore this to take my Mom to cataract surgery.  Yes that qualifies as an occasion to make some effort with my appearance.  ;-)  

2/3 -- Today, no special occasion other than nice Spring weather.  Open knit sweater from Vince via eBay.  #3 shows the sweater semi-tucked but I prefer it untucked.  Note the location of this photo -- it used to look completely different (see picture 4).

4 -- Picture from 2013, this shows the same location as #3 before numerous trees came down, due to a combination of draught as well as bark beetle infestations.  I'm quite sad about it, as it was also a favorite  place where CocoLion, RIP, would join me in a photo shoot.

Rather than giving detailed clothing descriptions, I'm trying to provide everything as a find.  It was fun trying out the new custom finds feature.

The Steve Madden Buhba slip ons are not quite as comfy as the Van's, but they are close.  They're also newer and I'm still breaking them in.  I do recommend them.

Thanks for looking and commenting, dear friends!


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WIW - The Vince Leather Pants

I decided to keep these pants even though I had my doubts and they didn't gain 100% forum approval.  I wore this outfit to a poetry slam, it was fun and the poets were skilled and moving (a friend of mine competed so I was there to support him).

Picture 1 - What I wore
Picture 2 - Almost wore, shoes were too dressy

I am happy I decided to keep these wildcard pants, although my boyfriend received them only with tentative, diplomatic approval.  (What do men know.  Of course he prefers fitted bottoms on me.)  They are comfortable and luxurious at the same time, and breath well.  I also realized that with heels and another top, perhaps a silk shell, these will work for my dressier occasions like the ballet or some opera performances.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW - Fashion Era Challenge 70s Rocker Style

If there is a uniform I feel most at home in, it would be this.  Jeans, a structured, tailored blazer, a worn-in tee, booties and jewelry which has sentimental value.  This tee shirt is actually my boyfriend's.  I got it around 3 years ago at Banana Republic for him.  It may have been dark green or black.  As it wore out and faded, my boyfriend made it a construction worker and tile setter tee.  So the distressing is 100% authentic here.  :-)

Inspiration pics are 3 through 5.  As you can see a sharp-shouldered blazer is a key element.  Robbie Robertson of The Band in #3.  Bob Dylan in #4.  Patti Smith in #5.  Also here is my Rock Style Inspiration pin board which is very early-70s influenced.

I hope I am not insulting anyone with the cross necklace.  I got it in London many years ago, it's a copy of a Victorian rosary.  I'm not Catholic but do have a great uncle who was a Priest.  :-)

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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Another gray ensemble anyone?

I have a lot of gray clothes so this was one Angie ensemble I could pull off.

What do you think?

First Picture - today's outfit
Purse -- Fossil
Booties -- Seychelles
Jeans -- Indigo Rein (cheap junior's brand from TJ Maxx)
Cardigan -- Vince
Top -- Vince

Scarf -- Zara

Second Picture - worn last month
Same cardigan, booties, bag as above (buying matching boots and bag was my great idea for A/W 2014!)
Belt is from Madewell
Jeans -- Kut
Top -- Looks like a plain white tee, can't tell!

Scarf -- TJ Maxx


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WIW December 2014

Hi and welcome to 2015!  It's been a while since I uploaded my WIWs so just for fun, here we go.

1/2 -- Worn New Year's Eve.  Both the tunic shirt and vest are from SSIF.  The necklace was an emergency purchase from the Macy's discount jewelry digging table.  Emergency because I forgot to bring jewelry with me the last time I went to the opera. 

3 -- High rise AYR jeans along with my favorite Zara jacket from 2012.  I love it because it gives me shoulders.

4 -- Christmas party.  Remember the Trina Turk dress I got off eBay?  Here I am trying to make it more "me" with the same leather moto.

5 -- My at-home winter FFBO.  I know scarves are not the best thing for my short neck but they feel so soft and cozy and insulate me from the chill.  

6 -- I've just realized that three out of these five outfits feature black skinnies.  Rolled.  :-)  The sweatshirt is from BLK DNM and the shirt, from The North Face.  I love the way they go together.

Thanks for looking and commenting!

ETA -- Debbie and I are Zara tunic shirt lemming sisters!


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PMWIW -- Rustic West and Alaskagirl Inspired

I'm sorry I've been mostly absent the past few days.  I've been under the weather -- fighting something intestinal -- and had to take some rest, I'm better now but have had a long work day, so again, no time.

Here's my photography contribution.  I really enjoyed this part of the challenge, and hope to make more effort in the future.

1/2 -- Here's another homage to Clint Eastwood, complete with sepia tone effect.  Picture 2 is the outfit in color.  You've seen these pieces many times, including the Ross poncho, now in its 4th season.

3 -- This is the Una / Alaskagirl look.  What do you think?  Does pink go with layered green?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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PMWIW Challenge I -- Everyday Real

I am currently making more of an effort to look not just casual but smart casual in my everyday, at home outfits.  These were outfits I wore before starting work at 3 pm.  All outfits rely heavily on my favorites -- sweaters, skinnies and ankle boots.

1 -- Yesterday.  Black skinnies + black turtleneck + navy vest with black faux leather pockets.  The only thing new here is the Ann Taylor navy vest.  I know black near my face it not my best color and fairly aging, so I'm considering purging this turtleneck.  What do you think?  Am I allowed to have some black tops or should I let go of them?

2 -- Today.  Vintage cashmere sweater + white shirt + dark wash skinnies + brown Western style booties.  Everything here is 3 plus years old, I think the shirt is the newest piece.  They don't make cashmere like they used to.  This has not a hint of pilling and it was worn all the time in the late 90s when I purchased it.  Do you think the sweater still works or does it look dated?  I might have quality cashmere goggles on.

Thanks for looking and commenting and participating in the challenge!


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WIW - October Casual

The other day I looked at my YLF blog homepage and felt disappointed by my WIWs compared to past years.  I could be simply not posting enough outfits.  Or I'm getting lazy about photos and locations.  Or I'm in a comfortable place with my style.  Maybe you can help me figure this out.  In any case I'm going to start by posting more WIWs.

1 -- The last day of Summer.  I think the date on this was October 14, our Summer drags into fall, which some would say is a quality problem.  Super simple with three neutral colors here, blue - black - brown.  And pop of coral near the face.

2 -- The gray colors would look better if I used flash.  But I love the tonal scheme and silhouettes.  I have a mixed emotional relationship with gray.

3 -- This is my new Zara tunic (waving at Debbie my tunic twin).  Here worn with Vince linen sweater which is perfect for October.

4 -- Same sweater, from behind, the front of this outfit is not worth showing.

5 -- A uniform look when I broke the dress code and wore -- gasp -- a  chambray shirt.  No one turned me in.

So I have a uniform, and then another uniform off - duty which relies on jeans + cardigan.  

Thanks for looking!  Thanks for commenting, if you choose to do so!

ETA -- Added picture 4, the rear view of the cardigan.  I missed it the first time.


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